Reasons Why Online Proctoring is Gaining Popularity

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Education is in a phase of transformation as a consequence of Online Proctoring eLearning. With advancements in technology as well as the development of a variety of eLearning tools, there have been serious changes in the way students are acquiring skills and knowledge.

People today are lucky enough to experience a smooth virtual experience for attaining skills, degrees etc. Furthermore, many of them are able to continue their professional development in a similar manner without taking a break from their jobs.

With this increase in the popularity of eLearning, there is growing demand for transparency as well as accountability has emerged and that’s where proctoring comes into the picture. With so many institutes and corporates utilizing eLearning, proctoring has become a critical consideration for them.

eLearning is being used in different ways. Now it is possible for students studying in education institutes to complete a whole course online. This involves projects, exams along with interviews. In corporate organizations, from the process of hiring to onboarding to professional development, eLearning is applied in each phase of an employees work life.

Reasons to incorporate proctoring

If eLearning is not proctored, a learner can easily make use of tools that are not permitted to be operated in order to seek help during an exam. To keep the learners away from cheating, administrators have assimilated proctoring into their strategy for eLearning. The process of online test proctoring comprises of a proctor keeping an eye on the learner via webcam. This way they can monitor all the activities carried out by the examinee.

Why online proctoring has become such a huge trend

  1.    Prominent growth in eLearning

We all know that eLearning provides flexibility. That is why a high number of organizations along with institutes are offering online courses in their pursuit of providing their learners with the advantage of learning whenever they want and wherever they like. There are a wide variety of benefits that people get from eLearning including:

  •    Higher accessibility
  •    Cost-effectiveness
  •    Personalization
  •    The convenience of learning anytime, anywhere
  1.    Saves Time and Money

Online assessment centers cost a considerable amount of money. With online proctored exam you not only get the benefit to save money but you also have the comfort of getting it conducted at any place of your choice.  As the proctor can monitor the learner through screen share or webcam.

  1.    Saves efforts of looking for an Exam Center

It is not an easy task to find a well-structured proctored testing center. That has qualified and reliable proctors who are able to administer examinees during an exam at a particular time. Online proctoring, on the other hand, ensures a proper monitoring of learners.

  1.    It Targets Work-Based skills and Assessments

eLearning is designed in a way that it can easily suit your interests and educational background. Learners can conveniently select a course that they can help them meet their goals and complete the course at their own pace. And this is the major reason for its popularity.

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