Real Life Barbie: She Has 100 Surgeries To Look Like Barbie

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Real Life Barbie

Media personality known for receiving multiple plastic surgeries to make her body nearly identical to a doll,

Pixee Fox who is known for her removed six ribs in surgery to look like a real life cartoon and break the record for smallest waist in the world.

The glamour model of age 26 has more than 100 cosmetic surgeries including famously having permanent eye implantation to make them “cartoon green”.

Her body heroes include Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She has spent nearly $170,000 on trying to look like them.

Since 2009 Pixee has documented her body modification journey online. She has already undergone a large number of extreme plastic surgeries. Some of the surgery had never before been documented, but she is not done yet! Pixee is just warming up, and has even bigger plans to come in future.

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