Ranveer Singh’s Look in Padmavati is Leaked!

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Ranveer Singh’s

We have recently witnessed yet another outstanding look of Ranveer Singh for the film Padmavati.Now it appears like his traditional look has been leaked in the social media. After all, everyone has seen him growing his beard for this very film. And much to excite the fans, a picture of Ranveer has appeared on Twitter, where he iswearing a turban. Probably, this very look of thesuperstar is believed to be the prominent look for the moviePadmavati.

Here presenting Ranveer’s look which is leaked on Twitter.

Though the picture is not clear, yet it seems toresemble the character ofPadmavatiwhere he is playing the role ofAlauddin Khilji. Perhaps it is like a cherry on the cake as we will get to see the perfect romanceof the duo Ranveer and Deepika. The eternal chemistry between the two is very much prompt in every possible way. Deepika will be playing the role of Padmavati, while on the other hand, Shahid will portray the character ofRana Rawal Ratan Singh in the movie.

With his recent hit Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer Singh has proved us that portrayal of historical personalities is something that he would be able to do withflying colours.His fans are all the more excited about his upcoming film. As of now, we can just expect to see him carrying out this iconic look with comfort.


However, some sources say that Ranveer and Shahid are having conflicts as each of them want their character to be more prominent than the others. As per as the reports, Ranveer’s character was highlighted in the script, but later changes were made in the scriptin order to touch Shahid’s demand. Surprisingly, Shahid denied the very particular buzz by saying thatPadmavatiis an excellent opportunity for all the three co-stars; Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid himself.

Fans are already very excited about the movie after the success ofBajirao Mastani.Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali,Padmavatiis slated to release on November 17 ofnext year. As of now, curiosity is all, that fans are carrying on their minds. For more updates about the moviePadmavati,stay tuned with us.

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