Ranveer-Deepika Fight? 3D Launch Of Padmavati Trailer Causes Trouble?

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Ever since the signs showed up that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were romantically involved, they have been goals for a relationship for many couples. Although they never publicly acknowledged the relationship, everyone has been pretty sure about it. But there seems to have arisen a trouble in the perfect paradise. The 3d-trailer for Padmavati was launched on Monday and while the invite was sent out to the media to join the team, there was no mention of the lead actors making an appearance at the event. Sources close to the actors say that they were specifically asked not to attend the event.


However, Deepika seems to have gone rogue since she was seen at the launch event. This infuriated both Ranveer and Shahid. While Shahid was angry only as a co-star, Ranveer Singh seems to have made his anger turn into a rage since he also did not have a clue about Deepika’s actions even though they are involved in a relationship together. The source also said that Deepika did not bother even informing her co-stars that she would be attending the event. Both the co-stars were available for the event, Shahid was at home and Ranveer was playing football.

Ranveer and Deepika seem to have broken up over the fact that Deepika did not communicate well in the relationship. While this may just be a speculation or a fight between the couple, Ranveer’s tweet about it being the first day of the rest of his life seems to indicate a break-up. The source said that he was shocked over his girlfriend’s actions and flew into a rage, firing his whole team. Deepika alleged that she did this to show that she was the center of the movie, as the trailer came out to appreciate the raw looks of Ranveer and the nobility in Shahid’s character, leaving her out of the mix.

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