Raees vs Kaabil 14th Day Total Box Office Collection: Check Out the Earnings

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Raees vs Kaabil

Raees vs Kaabil Box Office Collection: Most of the people thought that Hrithik’s Kaabil will lag behind Shah Rukh’s Raees in every aspect. The speculation might have turned out to be true to some extent as Raees box office collection is much more impressive than Kaabil. But the plot line of the Hrithik Roshan starrer is much enthralling than the Rahul Dholakia film. Kaabil box office collection acquired a decent figure on its first day of release but the movie could not make much business in abroad. And now that both the films have stepped into its fourteenth day at the theaters, let’s find out the earnings of Raees vs Kaabil 14th day total box office collection.

Raees vs Kaabil Collection in India on Day 14

The theaters might have witnessed numerous woots for King Khan while the audiences were watching Raees, but the plot line of the film was not that power-packed. Released over 2800 screens initially, Raees collection is expected to settle down to a figure of Rs. 1.98 Crores at the domestic box office today. Therefore, it is an indication that the earnings of Raees total collection might not be that phenomenal in the coming days.

On the other hand, Hrithik Roshan has been still gaining quite a lot of praises for his tremendous acting prowess in Kaabil as the viewers have said that Hrithik’s performance in Kaabil was absolutely power-packed. However, Kaabil collection at the domestic box office on its 14th day of release is expected to be around 2.09 Crores.

Raees vs Kaabil 14th Day Overseas Box Office Collection

Rahul Dholakia could have put in more effort in order to make the plot line of Raees much more engaging, and after reading the negative reviews regarding the movie some of the people who have not watched the film are actually thinking of whether to watch it or not. Therefore, Raees 14th day overseas collection will most likely garner an amount of Rs. 0.74 Crores.

While Kaabil’s spellbinding storyline is attracting more and more viewers every single day due to which the film is expected to mint an amount of Rs. 0. 78 Crores on its 14th day of release at the overseas box office.

Raees vs Kaabil Worldwide Collection on Day 14

Raees worldwide collection on its 14th day of release will most likely settle down to an estimated figure of Rs. 2.72 Crores, while Kaabil worldwide collection is expected to mint an amount of nearly Rs. 2.87 Crores today. And this itself states that Kaabil came as a surprise for all the viewers as the plot line of the movie is being appreciated by most of the moviegoers.

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