Raees 4/5 Days Total Box Office Collection: Whimsical Tornado Named Khan-Siddique

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The ocean of love and respect poured over King-Khan is not new but when it comes to powerhouse performance, the statement gets justified in itself. The journey from being a small town boy with plethora of dreams in his glittery eyes to a Man with guts and galore of love and respect for his people and friends, become the gist of Raees. The movie collection says it all as from Day 1, it’s been riding high at a great pace on positive notions. So, with 4th and 5th day summing up, Raees total box office collection has to be more than expected and extraordinary.


Raees 4th/5th Day Worldwide Collection

Capturing near about 95% of the total distributed screen space as pre-booking and housefull booking turned to be every hour scenario in the mulitplexes with prices ranging from Rs. 60 to Rs. 900 at several places, the film’s total box office collection turned out to be nothing more than a fiesta. People going gaga over Shahrukh’s entry and seetiwali dialoguebaazi, Nawaz tremendous performane as an Inspector (CBI) made all a proof that it is a public’s film. So, it would, definitely, not be wrong if we estimate Raees 4th/5th day collection at Rs. 57.86 crores in a worldwide basis.

Raees Box Office Collection in India on Day 4 and Day 5

Multiplexes saw massive purchases of the film’s tickets at the counters as most of them were booked through online wherein equally with cash. Despite a stronger Bollywood release, Sharukh-Nawaz magic worked on 75 mm screen with audience stuck to the screens for 2 hours 35 minutes, at stretch. Movie timings too clashing with each other, tickets got sold at higher rate as well as pace of this particular film. Therefore, Raees Domestic collection on Day 4 settled at Rs. 15.61 crores whereas box office collection for India on Day 5 stood at Rs. 17.58 crores.

Overseas Collection on Saturday & Sunday for Raees

Being a holiday and first weekend of the release, Raees got positive response from the viewers hailing in abroad. Also, having a huge fan following in GCC belt, it was simply hard to bet on its total collections as compared to its counter releases. Saturday and Sunday both ended up witnessing rush in cineplexes, as window tickets were rarely available (all thanks to online booking platforms). Thus, stating Raees overseas collection at Rs. 24.67 crores respectively on Saturday as well as Sunday.

Australia, UK, USA, Canada, etc were few of those nations which welcomed and embraced Sharukh’s Raees with wide arms thus giving a record smashing viewership after Dangal. So, with first weekend already faded off, let’s see how much more the film adds up in its box office revenue.

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