Quantico Season 2 : Release date, Spoilers, Series Insight

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Quantico Season 2

ABC hit series Quantico starring Bollywood ( and now Hollywood) superstar Priyanka Chopra is back for its second season and there is no doubt whatsoever that the new season is going to be huge. Priyanka Chopra’s first break in America, Quantico earned her an enormous amount of positive criticism from both American and Indian audiences for her portrayal of FBI agent/trainee Alexander Parrish. ABC renewed the series for Quantico Season 2 on March 3, 2016 which will resume the events left from where it was left off in the finale of the 1st Season.

Quantico Season 1: A quick Recap

The story of the first season ran back and forth between the current timeline of Alex Parrish’s life As a Special Agent of the FBI and her training days back at the Quantico Academy. The story gained it’s depth from the very first episode when Chopra’s character was hailed as a possible terrorist contact and the rest of the season was spent with her trying to prove her innocence and unmask the real terrorist which by her very correct instincts, was a part of the FBI facility itself. After 21 thrilling episodes which kept every viewer on the edge of their seats, it was revealed in the finale that Parrish’s mentor at Quantico, Liam (Josh Hopkins) was the mastermind behind the Grand Central bombing, and Simon (Tate Ellington) drove a nuclear bomb into the ocean, sacrificing himself to protect the country. In spite of proving her innocence, Parrish was fired from the FBI and the last scene of the series finale saw her being offered a job at the Central Intelligence Agency popularly know as the CIA.

Though Parrish’s response to the job offer was kept as a secret and not revealed, it is assumed that she took the job after all.

Definitely right?

Quantico Season 2 : Series Premiere Title

In the first season every episode was named after the last word spoken on screen and whether showrunner Joshua Safran will maintain the same in the upcoming series is what is left to be seen. According to sources, the first episode of Quantico Season 2 is titled “Kudove”.

Kudove, in reality, is a CIA cryptonym or code name. It refers to the CIA Deputy Director for Operations. It isn’t clear exactly who that is yet. Blair Underwood will be introduced as Owen Hall, a CIA officer that everyone aspires to be but his role, designation and significance to the plot is what is left to be watched.

Though the very small 15-second promo doesn’t say much it does shed some light on the fact that Parrish will continue her romantic affair with FBI Special Agent Ryan Booth.

Well, all of these are assumptions which is the most we can make until we witness the Pilot episode of ABC’s hit thriller series.

Quantico Season 2 will premiere on premieres Sunday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC and the entire series have been shot in New York.

Stay tuned. And in the meanwhile check out Priyanka Chopra’s interview on her role as the rumoured CIA agent in Quantico Season 2 and also her upcoming role in the upcoming Baywatch Movie which will feature her in a lead antagonist role opposite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Effron.

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