PSI Pay: Received a Recognition from the 2019 Sussex Super Growth Awards

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PSI-Pay is one of the leading digital wallet platforms in Europe, and it is gaining traction in other territories. The company originated in the United Kingdom, and they are one of the pioneers of introducing contactless payments with the aid of wearable technology. The company managed to market their products and services to the public successfully, and it resulted in their impressive growth in a span of a short time. Today, the company is signing business deals with many businesses to ensure the expansion of their business. Western Union, a well-known company that provides international money transfer services, recently signed a business partnership with PSI-Pay. The two companies are hoping that their alliance would result in a more convenient way for people to pay and transfer money. Other businesses in Europe are already expressing their interest to forge a partnership with the fast-growing digital wallet platform.

Before the introduction of digital wallets in the European market, people are using cash for different transactions. However, bringing cash anywhere they go has become a security issue because of the threat from robbers. When the digital wallet platform was introduced, the public took advantage of it and businesses started to accept payments processed digitally. Fast forward to the present, many Europeans prefer paying using their digital wallets. It is also a big surprise knowing that aside from the millennials, a growing number of seniors are also using the system because of the convenience that it provides. PSI-Pay invested in the digital wallet industry because they knew that it has a lot of potentials. Since they first launched its platform, it has become evident that the digital wallet industry will grow faster than what was expected.

In 2014, the growth of the company accelerated, because the new set of leaders overseeing the company decided to overhaul everything and introduced new solutions to problems that were faced under the previous administration. They decided to focus on the international market, and to their surprise, many people from different countries started to use their platform. The management saw that their profit skyrocketed, and they were able to generate huge earnings from the people who are using the platform. PSI-Pay continues to become one of the most popular digital wallet platforms in Europe, and they are slowly getting the approval from the people who are living in Asia and the Americas.

The rapid growth of PSI-Pay enabled them to receive recognition from the 2019 Sussex Super Growth Awards. The event is dedicated to all businesses operating in the Sussex area that managed to experience massive growth in the past years. For PSI-Pay, their growth was recorded to be at 189.9%, which is an impressive number. They took the top spot as the company with the highest growth rate, and they are thankful with all of the support that they are getting from the public. The executives of the company said that without the support from the public, they would never reach their goals and everything else would turn out differently. The event was sponsored by Kreston Reeves, Lloyd’s Bank, and ASB Law, and many other businesses from the region received recognition for their contribution to the local economy.

Aside from PSI Pay, other companies based in Sussex received their awards. The representatives of PSI Pay stated that the recognition they received is a testament to the growing number of people who trust their products and services. They are hoping that more people will discover their platform, and they are also hoping that a lot of businesses would consider forging a partnership with them. Presently, the company is working double-time to create a new set of wearable technology that would enable people to pay effortlessly.

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