PS4 Neo Confirmed, But it Won’t be at E3

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PS4 Neo

For sometimes, rumouris doing the rounds that Sony is building a new and more advanced PlayStation console that’ll have better graphics and more storage. Now Sony confirmed that they are indeed working on PlayStation Neo or PS4K, but the bad news is, that it won’t be unveiled this year, as speculated, at theElectronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show that starts on June 14.


According to reports, the PS4K features aversion of AMD’s future Polaris architecture,4K ultra high definition (UHD) Blu-ray discs, and twice the GPU cores with either arumoured “Zen Lite” core or an upgradedversion of the PS4’s Jaguar SoC. But it’s not sure that whether the games of PS4 can be played on PC using PS4 Emulator or not.

Andrew House,president and group CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), stated that the brand new console would be a little expensive than the current PS4 system that costs $350. We are speculating the PlayStation Neo will cost something like $400. It’s worth noting though that theconsole is not here to replace PS4 but work with it. Both devices are going to be sold during the entire life cycle.

PS4K is targeted towards the owners of 4K content who wish to paly games with higher resolution. The high cost will pay for the powerful GPU and provide a higher cost margin. The company want the console to be the first choice for folks wanting great gaming experience. It has more rooms for improvements and therefore cannot be introduced at theElectronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show that starts on June 14.

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As for the games, they run on both PS4 as well as PS4K. Almost all games that support PS$ will be supporting PS4K. House also suggested that the new console will use the ‘iPhone model’ that’ll limit the number of hardware setups supported at one time.It’s worth noting that Microsoft is likely to introduceXbox One Slim at the E3. And to recall, the PlayStation VR is going to be available from October 2016.

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