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Promoting Your Application On Social Media: After developing an app, the first step without a doubt, is to have your presence in the app stores and make it a channel to spread your story. The vast majority of users use their own store to browse and find interesting applications and their taste.

Therefore, it is crucial to optimize the description of your application with keywords relevant to the solution that it proposes, as well as having a good name and a really outstanding icon. Most developers fail at this point, making the app store itself tell the story for them.

Taking into account that the internet today is the most commonly used option for people to find information, the second step is to ensure their online presence through social media with relevant content that adds value to your application. As this is a very crowded market, being the benchmark in the subject will get you out in the front. If you do not already have a social media plan, do not waste time and check out the least you need to know to create social media marketing plan for your app.

Just as important as updating your blog with a certain frequency is targeting your business’s audience, whether via social networks or even blogs and portals within the mobile application ecosystem or its industry. Presence in social media is prerequisite for any business, but when it comes to applications, it has basically some main functions:

Engaging Audience

Keeping your audience engaged with posts related to your app segment is a point of attention to position yourself as an authority, directing the audience and large volumes of traffic via social networks and organic search for your site. In addition to the authority generated, these visitors will have a great potential to download your application.

Videos And Images

Presenting screenshots and videos of your application through the website is perfect for showing users how they feel about using the application, how it works, what the main features are and how it can help the lives of those using it.

Build Your Brand And Relationship With Users

The second advantage of social media is the relationship with the public. Use media such as Facebook and Twitter, for example, to answer questions and solve problems. In addition, you should share great news related to the segment of your app, obviously without losing focus on content related to your own app.

Incorporate Links In Social Media

Use links to direct customers from your corporate pages to the app. This means adding a button on your social network that makes it possible to open the application. Post regularly on it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, among others.

Promote Viral Campaigns In Social Media

Mobile applications serve to build significant long-term relationships with existing customers and make them brand advertisers. Apps can also solve common challenges when it comes to winning new customers. You can spend thousands of dollars on paid ads and expensive influencers when you could implement a free viral campaign through a referral program. The secret is on the surface: a welcome gift for new users, referral bonuses, repeat visits, and more rewards based on gamification.

You can also make contests regularly. Organize, for example, a photo contest for sharing, such as “post a photo with your favorite item and use the hashtag”. Give bonus points to all customers and reward three winners with a free product or service. Encourage reposts to earn more tanned and shares. As a prize, send points or coupons to the winners through the application.

Get Users Who Share Your App

The first and most important topic is to get shares of your application. Putting it in front of the user in an organic way is paramount to boost your app downloads. So, start by including sharing buttons wherever you can on social media.

Creating incentives for the user to share your application with friends is a good strategy as well. Many companies in the market benefit users with discounts and even limited access to the premium version of the app if their friends actually register. If you do not have many offers to make, try a partnership with a company to offer benefits or even coupons to discount your products.

Create A Media Or Social Media Hype

Saying that social media can boost your app is the same as saying anything! Now, they are a dynamic mechanism that must be used and can be used for free. When you think about promoting the application on Facebook, for example, all you have to do is create public groups there or on any other social site and publish the news related to your application.

Watch out! It may seem easy to write news, but only at first sight. Anyway, if the topic and comment are not your friends, you should read at least some articles and hacks on copywriting and how to make your text interesting, engaging and fun. If your reports are not read, if they are tiring and boring, no one wants to download your application as well.

Social Media Advertising

Most social media has extensive advertising options that target visitors who may be interested in downloading your app.

Facebook for business offers the option to set up ad campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook reaches a large audience and is a great way to target the right people. You can choose your audience by interest, age, or location or even send a list of contacts from your own customers to target.

At Instagram you can use multiple photos and videos in multiple ads to inspire people to download your app. Instagram also offers precise targeting options. Keep in mind that Instagram is the most visual of all social media, so make sure your images meet the standards of Insta users.

Twitter is a good option to increase the installations of your application. Twitter advertising means the use of app cards, an advertising format that allows mobile users to view an app image, display app ratings, and install or launch the app directly from their timeline.


To conclude, you can create your own approaches (which would be even better) for promoting the application. The list is endless and the tips are many for you to make users more active and loyal. What is even more important, however, is to develop a really useful mobile application that speaks for itself. If you need help with your project, contact good app developers in Dubai for some advice from a professional coding team!

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