Probiotic Skin Care For Radiant Skin

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Probiotic skin care is a growing trend in cosmetics industries. We all know about taking probiotics through food/ supplements. This probiotic helps to keep the digestive system healthy and keep the gut. But recently, not only for the body, probiotic is taken for skin care too. This is a kind of microbiome skin care.

This skin care products simply cultivate the microbiome of our skin or sometimes we have some supplements of live good bacteria for our skin. They are needed for the healthy and growling skin if we use a lot of antibiotic products (soap, cosmetics or other products). They just take care of the skin and help to regulate the skin function properly. In this article, we are going to talk about probiotic skin care.

Probiotic Skin Care For Radiant Skin:

Did you know that we have a microbiome on our skin? Human microbiome is composed of the bacteria on the body. This keeps the body healthy and digestive system regular. And remember, not only for digestive system or healthy body, human microbiome is essential for all kind of human body functions. There are many kinds of the microbiome on our body. Skin microbiome is one of them. They keep the skin to be healthy and glowing as well as make your complexion clear.

Nowadays, microbiome skin care is too effective and famous. Probiotic skin care is now a famous trend to the cosmetics industry. Probiotic is a great way to get a more radiant skin. Let me share an experience with you.

I applied “LaFloore Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer” every morning. This product is a cocktail of fermented ingredients and yeast extract. This product feels non-greasy and light. And it is able to soak the skin quickly. I was surprised that millennial pink tint did not come from dyes. The pycnogenol (a dark maroon antioxidant) gave that rosy hue.

I tried another probiotic spray called “Mother Dirt AO+ Mist” two times in a day. I swapped ultra lathery body wash. The bacteria of Ammonia-oxidizing convert irritating urea and ammonia in a mist into beneficial nitrite and nitric oxide from the sweat.

I was concerned slightly to introduce my body parts to the new bacteria, I admit. The company says specifically that it is odorless and colorless, simply, fine. Basically, the cleanser and mist were innocuous enough. But they had arsenic. Yes, but they did not give me UTI or kill me at all. They were just amazing. The mist was simply refreshing and cooling. On the other hand, I felt very bubbly and light with the fragrance-free probiotic body wash. For the aromatherapy, I was in it. But there was nothing extra, just simple as a normal shower. And the amazing thing is I got more radiant skin than previous with the regular use of probiotic mist and cleanser.

How Probiotic Skin Care Works:

A layer of natural bacteria lives on the physical barrier of our skin which helps and promotes the skin to be healthy. Chemical peels, harsh exfoliation or overzealous cleansing depletes the probiotic population our skin surface. This can be the cause of various skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema etc. Besides; it also creates skin aging driving factors and inflammation.

Typical skin care products have a calming effect with the probiotics that live on the skin surface. The good bacteria of our skin helps the cells flourish. In another word, skin probiotic is the essential housekeeper of the skin that also helps to various necessary works such as maintaining a healthy surface barrier and boosting cell immunity. Additionally, secreting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance helps the skin to prevent skin problems like acne, rosacea, and eczema.

So, after using a lot of antibacterial skin products, our skin’s probiotics often get harmed. As they are necessary and play an important role in healthy skin, after getting harmed, we face various skin problem. That’s why probiotic skin care is needed. They cultivate probiotics on the skin and the skin becomes healthy again.

Why Probiotic Skin Care Is Popular:

Modern science has discovered many wonderful technologies and keeps going. Probiotic skin care is one of them and its growing popular day by day. Some years ago, probiotic supplements were invented for a human body. It became so popular. Recently, on that sequence, scientists invented probiotic for skin care. Along with the public demand and interest, probiotic skin care products are now a burning trend. The cosmetic brands bring them to the market in various forms such as masks, serum, moisturizer and cleanser. They have just swept the market for skin care.

The probiotic skin care products are safe and effective. At the same time, they have no side effects. That’s why the industry is so popular among the people and becoming more popular onwards.

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