Priyanka Chopra Hushed Away The Haters With More Legs & Her Mommy

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Priyanka Chopra

For all those who criticized Priyanka for not being dressed appropriately to meet the honorable Prime Minister, Priyanka has a not-very-pleasing answer. A few days back, Priyanka Chopra was a buzz in social media for showing too much legs during her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but now she is back with an answer and trust us, the answer is not very pleasing to those who called her names for being inappropriately dressed.

Yes, Priyanka answers back with more legs and mommy. The Baywatch actress posted a pic on her Instagram account that poses legs not only hers but her mother’s as well.

Legs for days…. #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin #beingbaywatch

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Legs for days…. #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin #beingbaywatch

Priyanka Chopra (Instagram)

This undoubtedly pleased hundreds of thousands of Priyanka’s fans who commended the bold comeback of the actress. There was a flood of comments on her Instagram page and the top comments reads,

  • “Great way to answer those haters”
  • “What an answer PC… Love you PC, we are proud of you!”
  • “Slayyy mama Chopra @priyankachopra!! I see what you did there..”
  • “Yes, girl! Fight them, haters! My queen!!”
  • A fitting reply to all those who lack common sense & seem to conceive stupidity as culture or culture stupidly & mix it with respect. Odds are they wouldn’t have read even a single scripture. All power to @priyankachopra #India needs more strong headed women as you. I do!

That’s great of you PC, just go ahead and slay those haters. Stay Rocking!!

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