Priyanka Chopra Finally Reveals Her Character details in Baywatch, Get Details Here

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Priyanka Chopra has already taken the world in her arms as her latest American TV series Quantico 2 garnered huge positive response and double the viewership in comparison to its past season. Essaying one of the central charactersas Alex Parrish in Quantico 2, she now comes as a CIA agent thus discontinuing her character of Police officer in the first season. With a Hollywood flick soon-to-be-released, the Bollywood biggie is dancing to her own tune with fame kissing her feet. So, with all the excitement beholding within, Priyanka finally reveals her character details of ‘Baywatch’ where she is starring opposite Dwayne Johnson “Rock”.

Being her Hollywood debut, Baywatch is considered to be as Priyanka’s personal favourite as well as one of her best film’s character description of all times. The sexy lass dawns a negative shade who loves to achieve her work with all negativity at any cost. The character is entirely different or say, the opposite to the role she is playing in Quantico now. The TV series shows Priyanka as hard-headed, wise CIA agent whereas Baywatch will show her as total bad-ass personality. Although there is a lot of time until Priyanka’s debut Holly flick Baywatch hits the screen but she has already gathered much appreciation from the entire cast and crew.

Recently, Priyankaopened up regarding her character in Baywatch in a candid chit-chat with a leading media house thus leaving everybody awe-struck as how one person can become versatile at such rate. Well, here our team gives you a glimpse out of the entire interview.

According to Priyanka Chopra to a leading daily magazine Interview on character revelation of Baywatch, “Victoria is strong because she has minions. She has people do her dirty work. She doesn’t look at how to get results, she just gets them. She doesn’t have morality. But also, it’s a comedy. She is extremely feminine, very evil, extremely delectable, manipulative, patronizing. Which is not at all Alex. These are completely different people.Seth Gordon, the director, is huge a collaborator, and same with Josh Safran, for that matter, on Quantico—I’ve been very fortunate that the people I’ve worked with have been such collaborators when it comes to my characters. It wasn’t ever difficult being Victoria, it was just creating. And the joy of creating is the truest joy. I don’t enjoy being told what to do, I’m not that kind of actor, I’m a thinking actor. I need to work with people who have the ability to do that. Both Seth and Josh really have a sense of belief in what I bring to the table. I’m very grateful that they have that in me.”

The B-Town beauty also revealed that she acted in two projects simultaneously. She whole-heartedly paid gratitude to the both the crew team simply to bear with her. As stated , she used to shoot for Quantico in Los Angeles and during the weekends she flew back at home to shoot for ‘Bajirao Mastaani’, Whoa!

Well, no wonder she is called as the most diligent lady of Bollywood. With all the good times rolling in her stars, we wish Priyanka Chopra all the luck for Quantico, Baywatch and other projects.

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