Prison Break Season 5: Spoiler Alert and Speculations, Sara Tancredi Fans Might Get Disapointed

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Prison Break Season 5

Prison Break Season 5: Each and every fan of Prison Break will finally sigh as the American tv serial drama series created by Paul Scheuring is all geared up to come with Prison Break season 5 after almost eight long years in 2017. And the fans just cannot hold their patience to witness the happenings of the new season. The serial drama series starring Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Amaury Nolasco, Sarah Wayne Callies and Robert Knepper in the key roles created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers due to the excellent delivery of the plotline as well as the potency level of it. However, the fans of Sarah Wayne Callies who depicted the character of Dr. Sara Tancredi might get a bit disappointed when the Prison Break season 5 will kick-start.

Update: Prison Break Season 5 is yet to premiere and rumour has it that this may be the last season of the series. Another rumour has emerged bringing news that this instalment will have only nine episodes. But more episodes could come if the ratings go high. Fans of the shows have shown interest in more episodes. Therefore, Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) is willing to add few extra episodes to Season 5. Speaking to DigitalSpy, he said: “The reboot is nine new episodes airing in spring 2017, and then depending on how it’s received, and who’s available, there could be another conversation about another bite of the apple.”  “We’ll see…”, Wentworth teased. To recall, back in July, Paul Scheuring, creator of Prison Break Season 5 announced this was the last season of the show. He added that none episodes will give finality to the whole story.

According to a report by Aussie Network News Michael Scofield whose demise was witnessed in the fourth season of Prison break is actually alive and is behind the bars in Ogygia Prison which is located in Yemen for getting associated with ISIS. However, Sara will be seen tagging along with Lincoln Burrows to rescue Michael from the prison and they will go through a lot of hardships doing that, and the most heartbreaking scenario that might appear is Sara losing her life during the process of fleeing Michael.

Nevertheless, the showrunners escalated the intensity level of the series with every season keeping the viewers totally intrigued towards the plotline of it. And now the fans are expecting a lot more from Prison Break season 5.

New Update: Speculations are rife regarding the fifth installment of Prison Break as it is returning back to the television screens after ages. And now the recent report states that Michael Scofield’s comeback will be much like Ithica’s Greek King Odyssey. As per a recent report by Movie News Guide, Michael’s brother Lincoln will be taking the help of few ex-prison mates to rescue Michael from the Yemeni prison and Lincoln’s demise might be witnessed during the process. And on the other side, Michael will be left with a dispirited heart after getting rescued, as he will come to know that Sara has moved on from all the agonies along with her son and is married to some other person now. Nevertheless, innumerable rumours are pouring in related to the happenings of Prison Break Season 5. And we can only jump to a conclusion when the upcoming season hits the television screens.

The last episode of the fourth season of Prison Break titled as “Free” gained immense popularity among people as it depicted how Sara and Michael cherish the jovialness they had figured out for a short period of time, as Sara lands herself in the prison. The relationship between Michael and Sara is one of the best things amid all the intensity which is involved in the series. And witnessing them getting apart from each other will break many hearts.

Each and every character of the series be it Lincoln, Michael, Fernando Sara or Theodore, everyone delivered the exact requirement of the series with utmost perfection and stood out in their own rights. There haven’t been a single scenario which did not keep the fans hooked on to the plotline of Prison Break.

Therefore, the expectations for Prison Break season 5 has escalated more. So let’s just wait to revive ourselves once again by witnessing the happenings of Prison break through its upcoming season.

LATEST UPDATE: Michael Scofield’s return after 8 long years in the TV miniseries Prison Break Season 5 is the ultimate reason for joy but an addition of other characters would also make it more intriguing. His return from the dead would be most attractive one thus getting into deep trouble with terrorist group ISIS who were responsible for framing him as criminal inside Yemen’s Ogygia Prison. Lincoln helps him break the jail thus making a strategic escape plan with all perfection in mind. Apart from these two actors, Sarah Wayne Callis and Dominic Purcell will be returning to the screen along with  Amaury Nolasco and  Rockmond Dunbar. Robert Knepper will also be returning along with  Paul Adelstein in the upcoming television series Prison Break, all set to hit screens on January 2017 in FOX.

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