Prey (2017) will be All About Decision Making and Humanity

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Prey (2017): While there has been a lot of questions surrounding what the nature of the rebooted Prey slated to come out this year will be, the developers have insisted time and again that fans of the original should look at the upcoming game as a standalone title. That seems to be a fair thing to say, considering that everything about the new Prey has been done from the ground up. But we hadn’t really seen or heard much about the game ever since its announcement during E3 2016. Now, however, things look a little brighter.

Morgan Yu in Prey (2017) will be playable in both female and male avatars. Image Source: Bethesda.

According to Arkane Studios‘ Ricardo Bare, the Prey reboot will have dynamic gameplay that ensures the player’s decisions have direct impact on the game’s direction and lead to unique results. In conversation with Gamespot, the lead designer revealed that the game would have a number of differing endings, and players will have the choice of chalking out their own destiny within the game. We already know that in Prey (2017), we will get to play as Morgan Yu, who is engaged in research on an alien race. Decision making in the game will be an important aspect from the very beginning, as players will have the opportunity to exercise control over selecting Yu’s gender (much like in the Mass Effect series).

That is to be the general norm of the game as you continue playing. Bare hints that the new Prey will ultimately question the nature of humanity in the face of true evil, and that how you interact with survivors and do with them will have a significant impact on the results. “There’s (sic) two main branches,” he added, “mostly centered around the fate of the space station and the survivors, but then within those branches, there’s tons of little permutations.”

2006’s original Prey was developed by Human Head Studios and published by 2K Games, and it was centered around the story of a man as his family and he are abducted by an alien spaceship. Arkane Studios maintains that the only similarity between the first Prey and the reboot is that they both happen to be first-person shooters and that they feature aliens, but the style and themes are drastically different.

Prey (2017) is releasing worldwide on May 5, 2017, and will be playable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Take a look at the first 50 minutes of the game below to get a good idea about the upcoming open world title.

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