Possible Price List For The iPhone 7, iPhone 7s and iPhone7 Pro

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iPhone7 Pro

Apple has kept mum over all the speculation surrounding the upcoming iPhone 7 range. But that has not deterred enthusiasts and tipsters from garnering information any which way possible. One of the major areas of interest about the new range has been its price point, but now thanks to Chinese social networking site Weibo, we may have an idea about the same.

The iPhone 7, which is expected to be available in 32 GB, 64 GB and 256 GB variants are rumoured to be priced atCNY 5288, CNY 6088 and CNY 7088 respectively in China. These figures would roughly come to aroundRs 53,000, Rs 61,000 and Rs 71,000 respectively.

The32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB versions of the iPhone 7 Plus are likely to be priced at CNY 6088 (or around Rs. 61,000),CNY 6888 (or Rs 69,000), andCNY 7888 (or Rs 79,000) respectively.

Finally the iPhone 7 Pro, which will be a new addition to the flagship devices, is likely to set customers back by around Rs. 71,000 for the 32 GB version, Rs. 80,000 for the 128 GB version and Rs. 90,000 for the 256 GB version.Some of the highlights from a design leak by Mac Fan are that the iPhone 7 Pro will sport the same dimensions and design as iPhone 6s Plus while the headphone jack is likely to be dismissed, along with antenna lines; it is also rumoured to feature a Smart Connector and dual-camera setup on rear, as well as a water resistant build like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The other question that has been plaguing fans has to do with the possible release date, and while this is again impossible to know unless Apple makes an official announcement, popular guesses hint at September based on Apple’s trend to announce the phone in September with the phones going on sale some weeks later to make a grab at the Christmas market.

The new range will be powered by Apple’s A 10 processor, and while the iPhone 7 is expected to come with a 2 GB RAM, thebigger iPhone 7 Plus and Pro variants might offer as much as 4 GB RAM. Also, both Plus and Pro will be powered by the same CPU but with increased clock speeds.

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