Possible delay in launching of iPhone 8

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This year would mark the 10th anniversary for Apple’s iPhone and the leaked CAD designs suggest a truly spectacular phone. But there could be a delay in the launch of the new iPhone since it is rumored to be launching with an OLED display and other advanced technologies.

Experts say that the launch could be postponed to October instead of September. The new iPhone is hinted to have a $1000 price tag, something which would boost Apple’s sales. However, because of this delay in the launch of the iPhone, until its price is confirmed, Apple might see weaker sales in its third quarter as users lay waiting for the launch of the new iPhone.

An analyst at Morgan Stanley, Katy Huberty, sent out a note that suggested the idea of the weaker sales in September quarter if the iPhone is released in October instead of September. At the launch event, Apple is also expected to launch the successors of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus.


The iPhone 7s is rumored to have a smaller 4.7-inch display and the iPhone 7sPlus is expected to have a 5.5-inch display. The nearly bezel-less, OLED display of the tenth anniversary iPhone would be 5.8 inches. The tenth anniversary iPhone could boost the sales of iPhone as the current iPhone users are lying in wait for the newer iPhone before they decide to upgrade.

The only issue for Apple that is suggested from the leaked designs would be the placing of the TouchID sensor on the device. Apple has apparently yet to decide whether to place the TouchID sensor on the Home button or embed it inside the display. A report in Forbes suggested the placement of the TouchID sensor on the power button, although Apple has not confirmed it yet.

The newer iPhone would feature advanced technologies such as wireless charging and 3D sensors for Alternative Reality. The dual rear camera on the newer iPhone is also rumored to have a vertical alignment instead of the traditional horizontal alignment. According to Forbes, the reason for this change in alignment is to better integrate the iPhone with AR.

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