Portal 3 Release Date, Speculations and Updates: Game to Launch in 2017?

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Portal 3: The rumours about Portal 3 began a while ago when certain factors made us feel the sequel to Portal 2 was inevitable. But as is typical of developers, Valve has been pretty tight-lipped about the future of the Portal series. But more often than not, official announcements are not the only way to go in determining the probability of an upcoming title. And we have plenty of reasons to believe that Portal 3 is happening and that its release date is not too far away.


Is Portal 3 already underway?

The two existing games in the Portal series have their stories centred around Chell. The gameplay involves having to solve different puzzles and travelling through portals which teleport the character to different surfaces. But at the same time, Chell also has to deal with villains who keep trying to put impediments in her way. Both games went on to receive critical acclaim upon their release due to their clever content and the outstanding handling, so it makes sense for Valve to persist on with the series. Moreover, Portal 2’s ending left us with more than a few questions on our minds about Chell’s whereabouts, so there certainly is room for progression in the story.

Despite Valve’s lack of confirmation about Portal 3 or its release date, the company seems to be working on it secretively. Not only have there been plenty of rumours about the game already being in development, but as Digital Spy points out, Valve filed a trademark back in 2013 with the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union which even received verification. So how long until Portal 3’s release date?

Portal 3 Release Date

So basically, all evidence points towards the existence of Portal 3. But the question about its release date still remains unanswered. But speculations suggest that Portal 3 will have its release in 2016 itself. The earlier Portal games needed about three to four years in development, so considering that Portal 3 has been in development for some time now, the game should be nearing its completion.

However, if Portal 3 was to release in what is left of 2016, we would have heard an official announcement by now. Having said that, a 2017 release date for Portal 3 is not impossible. But perhaps 2016 will be the lucky year to hear something official about the game.

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