Popular Remote Investment Strategies Worth Exploring in 2021

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Remote Property Investment

While the pandemic has radically shifted the way that businesses and industries run, with millions of people having to adapt and work remotely to the best of their ability, many savvy entrepreneurs and investors have been making the most of their time spent inside in order to build and flourish their financial portfolio as much as possible.

Want to look into starting, or building upon, an investment portfolio in 2021, preparing yourself to come out of lockdown with a better grip on your finances? Take a look at this short guide, highlighting two remote investment strategies that have proven popular over the past twelve months.

Remote Property Investment

Simple Smartphone Investing

Investing in stocks and shares – and investing in general, for that matter – once had a high barrier to entry, but with the advent of smartphone apps and online services, anyone can jump in and start learning about different investment markets. Prior to the pandemic a number of outlets predicted a surge in young people investing using smartphone apps like RobinHood and El Toro, and this has certainly been the case.

Remember – Investing comes with risks, and so you should only put in what you can afford to set aside in an investment strategy. The FT adviser reported that the rise of the young investor could come with risks, with some getting a thrill from using trading platforms and thus perhaps swaying to more volatile options.

Weigh up your financial commitments and try to put aside a savings buffer, and be aware of volatile stocks and shares, too. Many of the above-mentioned smartphone trading platforms (such as Trading212, for instance) have a simulation mode where you can invest with virtual money as a way of testing the waters, and so this might be worth playing around with first if you’re not confident about putting in your hard-earned money.

Remote Property Investment


Remote Property Investment

Real estate investment is a strategy that you may think would have suffered as a result of the pandemic. After all, it’s an investment in a tactile property in a given area, and with the amount of people viewing properties (be it to invest or even view as a potential tenant) stagnating due to lockdown restrictions, it’s difficult to go ahead as normal with the investment process.

However, technology has allowed for savvy investors to get in on below-market opportunities and make the most of investment options that wouldn’t have been accessible in years prior from the comfort of their own home. Through virtual reality showings, investors can get a first-person perspective on an apartment or home they might be interested in buying, a next-best thing to the in—person viewing. As an added bonus, this technology can be used not only to simulate finished and fully furnished existing homes, but also off-plan developments that are in planning or construction phases.

Remote Property Investment

RWinvest are a good example of a company employing this strategy in order to continue providing investors with a variety of options in spite of the pandemic restrictions in place. Alongside VR viewings, they offer one-to-one screenshare sessions and a variety of supporting guides and information on the development in question.

Even when the effects of the pandemic are behind us, these sorts of remote investment solutions will continue to be popular, not only providing a secondary option but also opening up opportunities to international investors that might not be able to get to a site to view an apartment/home in person.

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