Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Ally Calling method Increases Chances of Capturing Shiny Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been a definite talking point among Pokemon game enthusiasts and one of the main talking points of the game right now is Shiny Pokemon. These special Pokémon don’t have any added stat bonuses or anything like that, but they come with a different colour scheme unavailable anywhere else in the Pokemon virtual world.

Even though Shiny Pokemon have been very rare to get in the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as the earlier titles, there are quite a number of ways in which they can be obtained. While Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire made it relatively easy with Chain Fishing and using the DexNav, the method in the Alola Region is more random and more time-consuming.

Theoretically speaking, the most tired and true way of finding Shiny Pokemon or any Pokemon for that matter, is a random encounter through grass, water and caves until you find one but that does become quite time-consuming, extensive and often ends up testing the patience of the gamer. In Pokemon X and Y, the odds to finding a Shiny Pokémon this way is 1 in 4096 which is considerably better than the  1 in 8192 odds it previously had.

Now, the most effective method of catching Shiny Pokemon is using the wild Pokémon’s ally call against them. One of the latest features of Pokemon Sun and Moon wild Pokémon can call for help from members of their species. This not only makes it more difficult to catch and defeat Pokémon it does give an increased chance to encounter Shiny Pokémon. Though there isn’t any rulebook to using this particular method, the basic trick is to get Pokémon call an ally again and again until you encounter a Shiny Pokémon. One of the main things required for successfully implementing this trick to catch the Shiny Pokemon is an Adrenaline Orb an item you can purchase early in-game. The method not only increases the chance of Shiny Pokémon encounters but each new Pokémon that appears will have a chance to get a Hidden Ability and have better EVs.

The basic steps to catch a Shiny Pokemon: Wild Pokemon -> adrenaline orb -> call for help -> KO one of the two mons, doesn’t matter -> call for help -> KO mon -> call for help -> KO mon

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