Pokemon Go Launches In Asia Tomorrow Beginning With Japan

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is presently available in over 30 countries, but so far Asian countries like Japan and India have been left off the list, much to the disappointment of gaming enthusiasts, even though the makers of the game have tried to point out that the reason for the delay was to ensure that the game’s servers were stable enough to handle the demand that it was sure to generate in these areas.

Earlier,Niantic CEO John Hanke had said that the game can be expected to launch in Japan around the end of July. Now, the launch date has been declared to be July 20 Wednesday, that is, tomorrow. This will be the game’s first launch in Asia with other countries to follow.

Interestingly, this will be the first time that the company has tied up with an official partner for a sponsorship. According to reports, fast food chain McDonald’s will be the game’s first launch partner, with its 3,000 plus fast food restaurants across Japan becoming gyms for would-be Pokmon collectors. “Gyms” are sponsored locations within the game where Pokemon can be trained or battled by gamers.

The launch in Japan is expected to befollowed byfurtherlaunches in other Asian countries soon after, which hints at the possibility of the game releasing in India by next week. However, enthusiasts in the country have already got a taste of the Pokemon GO phenomenon. But the matter of sideloading the game in areas where it is still unavailable has affected the game’s servers widely, whereby it has been rendered unplayable for many users even in countries where it has seen an official launch. The makers have said that they have been forced to put the launch in some countries on hold until they’re feeling “comfortable”.

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