Pokémon Go Latest Update to Bring in Redesigned User Interface

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It has been a long while that we have received news regarding the upcoming update of the popular game Pokémon Go. Rumours have been floating around that Pokémon Go Gen 2 update will come out with a new user interface which makes the game all the more interesting for the fans who find it engrossing.

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The news has come out that Niantic will employ a new user interface that will have two tabs featuring Kanto and Johto Pokedex. Along with that the mechanism which is developed in order to track Pokémon in the game is going to get a new makeover. A couple of tracking steps are expected to be brought in the latest update of the game – the familiar Poké track and an unfamiliar Poké track. It is rumoured that a footprint identifier could also feature in the Gen 2 update of the game Pokémon Go by Niantic.

The new update will enable the gamers to track the Pokemon in a way that would help in reaching to it in the easiest possible way. However, it is not yet sure whether this tracking policy will be applicable for all the Pokemon or not. The general consensus is such that it might just be made available for the Pokémon which are not that easily available.

Along with that, the latest update of Pokémon Go that Niantic is expected to roll out is going to have the Shiny Pokémon. It has been rumoured for quite a long while that the Shiny Pokémon would feature in the game and it is believed that it will finally come out in the upcoming update of the game from Niantic. Also, a new feature is rumoured to be added that will enable the gamers to exchange Pokémon among themselves.

As it stands now, Pokémon Go is going to get all the more exciting for all the gamers across the world if all the rumours regarding the upcoming update turn out to be true. And as it has been expected all the rumours might actually turn out to be real when it comes out on the market within a few days.

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