Pokemon Go Latest Update Brings Back Battery Saver and Tracker Feature

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Pokemon Go

With the latestupdates of Pokemon Go, the games have brought back the battery save mode, along with a new tracker feature. The latter is still being tested.The update has been rolled out to Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go update

A couple of days back, Pokemon Go fans we left bewildered when Niantic Labs decided to do away with the above feature. They also cracked down on third-party apps that were helping users locate Pokmon in their areas.

Pokemon Go iTunes Updates:

The update will be bringing new features that canbe pretty useful and fixes issues caused by the previous updates. In order to use the battery saver mode, a user needs to hold the phone upside down while playing the game. Thecurveball throw is going to become more accuratesince players had complained that the game seems to have become harder following the previous update.Niantic Labs has revealed that they are currently testing a variation of the “Nearby Pokmon” feature with a certain number of users. Trainers can now change their nickname one time. The update page on iTunes said, some of the users may see some variation in the nearby Pokmon UI.

Other Updates:

A new dialogue box will emerge to remind Pokmon Trainers that they are not supposed to play the game while traveling during a certain period of time. And Trainers will also need to confirm that they are not driving in order to continue playing. In a couple of countries, the game has issued warning asking players ‘Not to Pokmon and Drive.’The update also fixes a bug which stopped Nice, Great, and Excellent Pok Ball throws from awarding the experience bonuses among other things.

The game wasrecently launched in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania, including Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, among others. There’s no news on when it’ll arrive in India.

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