Pokemon GO Japan Launch Delayed due to Leaked Information

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Pokemon GO

Niantic CEOJohn Hanke had earlier promised an Asia launch of the gaming phenomenon known as Pokemon GO sometime in late July, and it was finallyconfirmed yesterday to bereleased in Japan today, July 20, much to the anticipation of fans around the continent.


But as it turns out, the much-awaited launch has gone through yet another delay following an email leak. A source close to the launch has been reported as saying that the reason for the cancellation is linked to an email from McDonald’s Japan, the game’s sponsors, carrying information detailing the launch, that was leaked and ultimately made its way to popular internet forums creating quite a stir around the anticipated event. The email which has now gone viral, had initially pushed plans for the launch to an afternoon slotand eventually were abandoned altogether.

According to sources, the makers of the game- Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company- fear that the hype generated following the leak wouldoverload the game. This may be a genuine reason for concern as Hanke had earlier said that the reason why the game which had already been released all over the USA and most of Europewas yet to see the light of day in Asia because they wanted to ensure that thegame’s servers were stable enough to handle the demand that it was sure to generate in the continent. The new delay has definitely frustrated fans, but it is clear that the makers are not going to be deterred by the surrounding hype into a hurried launch which could resultin any unwanted situation with the servers.

But the delay has already had far-reaching repercussions; companies that had benefitted from being associated with the hugely popular game, most notable among which was Nintendo whose stocks had soared past Sony following the release of the game, have suffered due to their stocks plummetting.

The new launch date has not been specified yet, but as the launch is definitely on the horizon, people are speculating that it can happen as early as tomorrow.

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