Pokemon GO India Release Date slated for December?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO India Release: Pokemon GO has won and lost the hearts of millions ever since it came out for fans earlier this year, and the game has managed to achieve all that before it even reached India.

Pokemon GO was pretty late in its Asia debut because of lingering server problems, which was a direct result of gamers trying to sideload the game in areas where it had not been launched yet. But ultimately upon its release in Japan, Pokemon GO has been met with an outstanding degree of enthusiasm from all over the continent; at least in the countries it has been launched in till now. However, India, China and South Korea still remain off the radar.

That is not to say that Niantic does not intend to release Pokemon GO in these countries, as all three are listed on the Pokemon GO server status link. But the game’s arrival has been inadvertently delayed in certain areas. Specifically, the case of China and South Korea have been problematic owing to the fact that the game’s AR experience has to be built upon the detailed map data of the countries; something that both governments have been reluctant to share.

The problem with the Pokemon GO India release, on the other hand, has been because of another set of problems. The game first began facing issues with its India release when it started picking up the reputation for being unsafe to use. The game requires players to venture outside their homes and go to specific locations in order to catch the monsters. The multiple cases of accidents caused in countries around the world while playing Pokemon GO eventually caught the attention of the Indian authorities, and since then there have been a number of petitions filed to ban the game’s arrival in India.

Another significant problem is that the game has apparently offended the country’s religious sentiments by placing monster and eggs up for grabs at various religious sites. As a result, the launch of Pokemon GO in India looked increasingly difficult, with many saying that it may never make its way into the country. However, new rumours indicate that the game finally may arrive in India sometime next month.

Update: Recently, Chaitanya Limbachiya, a bachelor of computer application, has filed a petition in support of the Pokemon Go in the Gujarat High Court stating that the game does not hurt religious sentiments, but actually helps in endorsing communal harmony in the country.

His petition reads, “Hindus visit church, Muslims started visiting temples and the Christians go to Masjids while playing this game. This will ultimately make people more secular than ever.” Later Chaitanya added, “The game has strengthened community relations irrespective of their class, caste, religion and colour, which our governments have failed to do.”

The Gujarat High Court has scheduled 15th November to keep hearing on this petition after the Gujarat government urged for some time so that they could file an answer on this issue.

Update: In this dramatic scenario, the fans are still keeping their fingers crossed about the Pokemon GO India release. A fan named Abishek Padaki recently posted on the Pokémon GO India Twitter account, “Let me just stop you there for a second and ask you, does the PIL count for a ban in Bangladesh?”How about Pakistan? Or even Sri Lanka and Nepal? No.”

Later he added, “So like I’ve said many times, the PIL has nothing to do with the release! The game would probably come out as a Subcontinent release that include: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and other subcontinental countries. Don’t heed to baseless rumors.”

Whether Abishek’s prediction would come true or not, only time will tell that, But meanwhile, stay tuned to our website for more news and updates on Pokemon GO India release.

Pokemon GO India Release: Game to arrive along with the next update?

Pokemon GO is a force to be reckoned with, so petitions and litigations are not likely to put a stop to its imminent arrival. It is also unlikely that Niantic will not do everything they can to bring the game to all the regions they had initially planned for. Considering all that, one report in Mobipicker, speculates that the game may arrive in the subcontinent in December this year, alongside a new update.

What do our readers think? Is the hype for Pokemon GO still alive in India? Let us know in the comments below.

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