Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update coming in May 2017; Check out what’s in store

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Pokemon GO Gen 2

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Pokemon GO had captured the imagination of the entire world upon its initial launch and things stayed that way for a while. The game’s extensive Augmented Reality support had fans going into a tizzy over ways to capture new Pokemon. But then the obvious happened: despite Niantic updating the game with several interesting features, people started losing interest. Whereas in the beginning, fans everywhere were going crazy to have a shot at being able to play the game (Pokemon GO still hasn’t launched in a number of countries in the eastern hemisphere), in the present day scenario the hype has died down quite a bit. Despite that Pokemon GO still remains one of the most played mobile games in recent times; however, Niantic is ready to amp up efforts to win back their numbers with the upcoming Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update.

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update has been in the pipeline for a long time, but it is speculated that the update will not be released this year. However, it has been at the centre of many discussions, and there are several posts on the internet which look at what the update could bring along at length. One of the first things that people talk about whenever a new update is in the works is the question of more added Pokemon. While the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update will certainly bring a load of them, what it will also bring is more evolved forms for the Gen 1 Pokemon. Among the ones rumoured to make it to the list are Slowking, Scizor, Bellossom, Crobat, Blissey, Politoed, Steelix, and Kingdra. Other than these, the game will now get over one hundred new Pokemon, with some of them being region-specific.

Another highly anticipated possibility is that some of the popular Legendary Birds are finally due to make an appearance with the new update. Speculations indicate that they could arrive as part of a special mission, or that they will have to be earned by players through their performance. This leads many to conclude that perhaps the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update will introduce special eggs which will hatch the Legendary Birds. Newer battle modes and an extensive trading system are also expected to be introduced with the new update.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Release Date

It is not yet known when Niantic plans to roll out the new Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update, but with all the substantial additions it will bring to the game, it is perhaps safe to surmise that it will not arrive before 2017. Some reports mention the anticipated date to be May 2017. Let us know what you think about the upcoming update for Pokemon GO.

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