Pokemon GO brings back the Tracking Feature for Limited Regions

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO: Niantic is finally giving the fans of Pokemon GO all that the game has been lacking. Only recently, the developer drew the last checkmark on the roster of original non-legendary Pokemon with the addition of Ditto, the creature that hides under the guise of any other Pokemon that may be caught. Ditto’s inclusion followed shortly at the heels of the Transform move, which is related to the abilities of the Ditto. However, Niantic is not only stopping at introducing brand new things to the game. Much to the joy of some fans, the developer has brought back something familiar to Pokemon GO: the nearby tracking feature.

The nearby tracking feature of Pokemon GO was a part of the game when it was launched initially. As its name so clearly implies, the nearby tracker in Pokemon GO helped players track down Pokemon in their vicinity instead of having to chase the creatures blindly. However, Niantic pulled the feature from Pokemon GO back in early August in what seemed to be a measure against third-party sites interfering with the proceedings of the original app game.

Finally, the company has brought the feature back into Pokemon GO, albeit with some slight tweaks, and it appears that the changes are mostly for the better.For instance, the revamped tracking feature will provide added information about a Pokemon’s corresponding PokeStop,thus making it easier to get to the creature before it vanishes.

However, it seems that the nearby tracking featurewill take some time to reach all corners of the world (sans the regions where Pokemon GO is yet to launch, obviously). As TechTimes reports, the feature appears to be exclusive to some limited areas in the US and Canada, while all of Australia will be able to enjoy the benefitsof the Pokemon GO tracker. It is not clear when Nianticplans to roll out the feature in other regions. But as it appears, users can at least look forward to being aided in some measure in their pursuit of the coveted Ditto by the tracker.

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