Play with the Best CS GO Ranks in the Gaming Community Today

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Play with the Best CS GO Ranks

As one of the most successful games in the era of first-person shooters, counter strike global offensive did something that none of the previous iterations have done: They introduced the rank system. Launched back in 2012, CSGO became quite popular because the rank system introduced a new level of competitiveness in the game, allowing players to feel more immersed and in-sync with the game than ever. The old mechanics of the CSGO series, coupled with good graphics, refined gameplay, and the new ranking system made everyone scramble for CS GO ranks and try their best to get a good rank for themselves. Quite similar to the MMR system in DOTA, the entire concept of ranks revolved around ranking each player depending on their skill and talent rather than experience, letting players feel appreciated for their game. Higher ranked players had more prestige in the CSGO community and played with other high CS GO ranks and players.

The concept of getting a better rank in CSGO is quite easy, but only in theory. In practice, winning match after match against other ranked players should be sufficient in raising one’s rank but it gets tough the higher one goes. More and more new talent has infiltrated the CSGO talent pool and as such, it has become very difficult for even fanatic CS GO players in becoming one of the high ranking players they once hoped to be.

In what way can a CSGO Player Hope to Increase their CS GO ranks?

After a lot of prying and trying, a CSGO user is finally assigned a rank by the in-game CSGO ranking system. This takes around 5 to 10 weeks depending on if the user has a new account made after the CS GO new ranks update in 2013. After becoming a level 2 account holder, they can play ranked matches in the calibration phase and get calibrated into a high enough rank. After everything’s done and dusted, there remain only a few ways that a CSGO player has got left to increase their rank and get the best CS GO ranks they can.

  1. Get better at the Game:

One of the easiest and important way left to those who want to get higher CS GO ranks is that they have to improve their skills and expertise in this game. For this, they would have to learn all there is in strategy, learning the mechanics in the game. Also, they will have to learn how to throw the perfect nades, smokes, flashes and all. Furthermore, they have to improve their aim by undergoing rigorous practice sessions in deathmatches and on custom maps.

  1. Buy a Level 2 Account:

If a CSGO player isn’t able to naturally increase their CS GO ranks even after trying their best, then the next best thing they can do is to buy a level 2 Account. This will allow them to play those ranked matches again and get recalibrated. This way, they will be able to reach that rank at which they feel satisfied and open to play.

These are broadly the two ways any CSGO player has got left if they hope to increase their ranks in CSGO. After the CS GO new ranks update, either they would have to give their best, or buy a higher rank, or start afresh in calibrating again.

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