Pirates Of Carribean 54GB is Leaked By WANNACRY ON TORRENT

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Pirates Of Carribean

We have already seen many movies have been leaked on torrent but this movie pirates of carribean is leaked by wanna cry a dangerous virus

first they got bluray print and demand uge amount to not leak but i think disney didnot reply adn they took that setp and leaked this movie

Pirates Of Carribean 5 54GB BLURAY

its leaked on piratebay u can check and one more thing its in iso

and biggest hit

The programmers undermined to release the motion pictures on the web if Disney didn’t pay the payment in Bitcoins. Much to the amazement of individuals, the payment wasn’t paid and a deluge connection of the motion picture was transferred on The Pirate Bay. Be that as it may, the creation house is working with the FBI keeping in mind the end goal to get the programmer gathering.

extratorrent got offline that day

IS ETRATORRENT is connected with that incident ? what u think?

let us know in cmnt box

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