Pink vs. Raaz Reboot 3/4 Days Worldwide Box Office Collection

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Pink vs. Raaz Reboot

The two of the most talked-about movies hit the screens on 15th September with attracting millions of audiences in multiplexes as well as single screens altogether. Amitabh Bachchan, Tapasee Pannu starrer Pink and Emraan Hashmi starrer Raaz Reboot (4) has been drawing attention lately, but if we take a look at the box office collection of individual films, then there is a strong tiff from the opening day. Raaz Reboot comes outof a famous franchise Raaz which had Emraan as the lead again wherein Pink has the legend, Mr Bachchan who fights for justice on behalf of three victims. Now, which film has outdone and made big at the BO will be discussed below. So, let’s take a look at Pink vs. Raaz Reboot 3/4th days worldwide box office collection.

Pink vs. Raaz Reboot Total Collection for 3/4th Days

Both the movies managed to sustain audiences on its first day but after good works of the word of mouth, Pink gained much appreciation in comparison to Raaz 4th franchise. Also, the movie collection is playing tough competition to each other, ever since its release. However, Pink gathered better reviews than Raaz thus handling the box office business on its own. With a great exclamation pauses, Pink 3/4th days total box office collection has generated revenue of Rs. 17 crores whereas Raaz Reboot worldwide box office collection has earned almost Rs. 13 crores.

Pink vs. Raaz Reboot Box Office Collection in India

The film Pink garnered much acclamation with lots of social issues raised especially against women which was beautifully decorated from beginning to end. On the other hand, Raaz 4th franchise witnessed a dramatic but positive opening but in later days it deteriorated due to its weak plot along with the meaningless base. Thus, Pink 3/4th days box office collection in India has settled down to Rs. 12 crores whereas Raaz Reboot domestic collection of 3/4 days is Rs. 9 crores.

Pink vs. Raaz Reboot 3/4 Days Overseas Collection

Screened in more than 2,500 areas, all in all, it had a fair share of 800 screens in overseas. Released in countries like US, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Pink as well as Raaz 4 movie collection has been quite satisfactory. Although, Pink got more applauses than Raaz as both the movie’s plot was way different. People did not go with the flow thus choosing Pink as its optional best from past week’s releases. Hence, Raaz Reboot 3/4 days box office collection in overseas has settled down to Rs. 3 crores approximately wherein Pink 3/4 days overseas collection has earned, more or fewer Rs. 5 crores.

Henceforth, trade analysts, filmy punditz,etc. were pretty sure about the movie collection even predicting beforehandthat Pink would do better business than Raaz Reboot in the BO. Word of mouth spread like fire on its opening day which helped Pink to have good earning at box office collection. Also, slurry growth and the weak plot made Raaz Reboot a pain in the neck for 2 hours in total. So, undoubtedly, Pink has generated more revenue than Raaz Reboot thus gathering much applauses from the critics as well as the viewers from worldwide even on its 3/4th days.

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