Persona 6: Though the 2016 instalment of Persona, the sixth main title in the main series, has already gone on to break records in developer Atlus’s home country, it is still to see the light of the day in the West. Persona 5, as the new title is called, was earlier supposed to get a Valentine’s Day release in the US alongside Ubisoft’s medieval action hack and slash always online game, For Honor. However, the former’s launch has since been delayed to an April 2017 date. Surely then, it is rather early to think about the prospects of the next main game in the series (which we’ll call Persona 6 for now); or is it?

Persona 6

While it is most obvious to conclude that Atlus is currently being kept busy with working out how to optimise the game for their fans in the West, it is tempting to surmise that they already have plans lined up for Persona 6. It took the devs nearly eight years to push out this year’s instalment after Persona 4, but initial work had commenced way back in 2008- when the earlier game was still in development. If you look at the Japanese sales figures for Persona 5 till now, it has been the fastest selling Persona game in the history of the series. While we still need to see the worldwide numbers before drawing concrete conclusions, some leaked gameplay from the Japanese version that has surfaced looks really good indeed. We honestly think that Persona 5 will do great business in worldwide, and that should be reason enough for Atlus to greenlight Persona 6.

But that brings us to the main question: when could Persona 6 be released? Will the interval between Persona 6 and Persona 5 be as lengthy as the current instalment? Well, a lot of things could happen before Persona 6 is made into a concrete something- but we would like to think the time will come sooner rather than much later. In favour of this conjecture, we would like to point out that Persona 5 was built on a new engine, which was one of the many reasons why the game took so much time to materialise. Atlus incorporated a lot of elements that mimic real life environments with more advanced gameplay, and they felt creating a new engine would help them relay their ideas more efficiently. So far, it seems like that has worked in their favour, but it doesn’t make much sense to create an engine for a single game, does it? And a newly created game engine could form the perfect basis for the next title. This has led to speculations that Persona 6 might not be too far behind the release of Persona 5. If the creators have already started on ideating over Persona 6, and if we’re lucky, we should hear about the next game sometime soon. But while many fans think that the time may be as early as next year, we don’t think we’ll see a repeat of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

For now, let’s see how Persona 5 does in the US. The English version of the game is currently scheduled for release on April 4, 2017. It will feature a dual audio setting which will let players experience the game in either language of their liking.

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