Peppa Pig Does Not Cause Autism in Children Proved!

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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular British preschool animated television series directed by Astley Baker Davies. This animated series was originally aired on 6 May 2004 and ran successfully for two years before it re-premiered on 14 February 2015. Even though the show was quite popular with the younger audience, according to research conducted by a Harvard University researcher in 2012, the cartoon series could increase the risk of children suffering from autism. After this,several concerned parents  stopped their kids from watching it. But recently according to experts this show does not cause any Autism in children. Before this, the show was linked to bad behaviour in children. However, experts claim that it is not true and basically the influence depends on how parents deal with their children to make them understand the meaning behind what they are watching.


Does the show Peppa Pig actually cause autism?

It is a fact that there is no evidence that watching such television series cause autism in children.According to an epidemiologist named Marc Wildenberg there are chances of having autism increase by 56 percent when a child watches Peppa pig for half an hour. But after Cornell and Purdue University researchers conducted a study also of autism and television they did not find television causes autism, Hence, Peppa Pig causes autism among children is completely untrue.

The Reasons Why Kids should watch the show Peppa Pig

Animated series actually help a child to connect with their friends. Shows like Peppa Pig help them to understand and improve their interaction with their peers. Apart from that if the parents of a child are concerned about the cause of autism due to these shows, then they can restrict the time of watching television. These interactive cartoons are educational and therefore such shows like Peppa Pig is not the cause of autism in kids.

Therefore, in conclusion, the show Peppa Pig do not cause autism in children and we do hope that the series comes on air with fresh new episodes soon.

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