Pattathari (2016) Movie Review,Rating, Cast, Crew, Total Box Office Collection, Final Prediction

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The recently released Tamil language film Pattathari/Pattadhari finally hit the silver screen in its regional belt causing much hype amongst the audience soon after the poster were put on several multiplexes and single screens as next change. The film has been produced with a budget of Rs. 7 crores approximately eventually possessing a pretty good amount of actors lining up for the film. Considerably an action-comedy-drama which comprises of lots of action sequences, romance, amateur fun, thrill, comedy and of course good groovy songs. Tamil films are mostly known for action-romance films of which comedy-drama are seldom. So, with the release of latest Tamil film Pattathari, let’s discuss it’s cast, crew, box office collection along with review and rating.

Pattathari/Pattadhari (2016) Cast & Crew

  • Abhi Saravanan
  • Adhiti
  • Director:A.R. Sankarapandi
  • Producer: S. Elangovan
  • Music/Background Score:S.S. Kumaran
  • Story: AR Sankarapandi
  • Editing: A Richert Kevin
  • Cinematography/DOP: AR Sankarapandi
  • Banner:GES Movies

Pattathari (2016) Storyline/Plot

A group of five friends lead the life in their own way without any outer support or any responsibilities even after graduating for many years. Based more on male bonding, it focuses towards friendship within a group. The change of equations amongst each other with time and under various situations forms the crux of the story. The story also focuses on college love where two boys fall in love with entirely different girls thus raising questions within the society as one of them falls for a foreigner. The story revolves around the group of boys and their ups and downs in life.

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Pattathari/Pattadhari Movie Review (Action/Direction)

The respective Tamil language film Pattathari is basically a friendship film where 5 boys fall in various circumstances so as to put the best effort to get out of it. The storyline is not new but has been picturised in a suitable manner. Most of the part comprising action sequence, the film has been portrayed well. The performance delivered by most of the supporting cast is appreciating wherein the lead actor has done a satisfactory job. The direction is somewhat loose as the screenplay diverts from the crux eventually becoming a bit confusing till the climax. Overall editing is competent with songs and background score being pretty well and even groovy in some portions.

Pattathari/Pattadhari (2016) Opening Day Total Box Office Collection

Released in as many as 50 screens worldwide Pattathari has opened with mixed reaction thus engaging audiences at a bitter-sweet rate on its first day. Pattathari worldwide collection on the first day would vary in figures as the counter releases are most likely a high budget and big banner film. Capturing almost 89% of the total given screen space, the film settled at an average satisfactory level. So, Pattathari opening day total collection at the box office has generated revenue of Rs. 10 to 15 lakhs approximately.

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Pattathari/Pattadhari Bouquet Factor or Brickbat Factor

The following Tamil film produced under a low budget do not possess any known face as the lead pair has done few movies along with the rest of the casting team. Revolving around a simple storyline the film evokes alot of confusion amongst the audience thus giving them very less time to understand the climax. Filled with lots of action sequences the sluggish development of the Tamil film makes the entire film a bit boring. So, it would not be unfair to give Pattathari/Pattadhari a Brickbat Factor.

Pattathari/Pattadhari Final Verdict

Pattathari is a One Time Watch as it can be watched with family and especially friends but avoids taking the younger lot to the theatres as they might not enjoy all the action sequences despite the Universal Rating it has been provided by the CBFC. Also, the sluggish approach might bore you for 2 hours 2 minutes till the climax. So, Pattathari final verdict settles at watching the movie just once.

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