Parsvnath has been Listed Amongst The BW Real 500 by Business World Magazine

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To be featured in any form of media today is a big deal. Just the idea of people reading about your business sparks a ray of adrenaline in your body. No matter if it’s a small article, just the mention makes you keen on spreading the news.

Well, having a small slot in an average publication is nice, but it’s nothing compared to what it feels to be posted in a prestigious magazine as one of the most influential businesses of the year. We are proud to say Parsvnath Developers was one such company to be showcased in The Business World Real 500, a group of the most elite companies of the year.

The listed companies are an impressive 56 percent of the Indian Economy, inclusive of both listed and non-listed companies. This particular year was a bummer for the business community. With tardy overnight demonetization effects on the initial year and the introduction of the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime. The listed companies dealt with these vagaries and crawled their way to the top.

The list is comprised by taking account of various parameters like annual income, total assets, and the number of shareholders in a company. Parsvnath being the infra monster of India was absolute on making these three things thrive this year, which is why making in this list was an obvious Parsvnath news .

A total of 10,000 companies were surveyed and researched for the list. Out of which 500 jewels in the Indian business community emerge with the most potential. As Parsvnath Developers feedback from the consumer’s point is full of potential. Parsvnath tapping into the potential of commercial office spaces along with other residential and commercial construction is working a good faith. They are also the first to be signing a deal with DMRC and constructing metro malls in about 7 major metro stations.

As for making the list, the company’s work speaks for itself and so does this list. The work of parsvnath has always been of quality with a state-of-art construction and architectural techniques. The previous customers can truly relate to the past construction quality. You will get a similar positivity from Parsvnath Developers reviews on their website. To recapitulate, Parsvnath pledges to work on their future projects as a symbol of their excellence and experience in the real estate business. Customer satisfaction would be a prime goal, equal to the quality aspect.

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