Parched (2016) 3rd/4th Day Domestic Box Office Collection

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Parched 3rd/4th day worldwide box office collection: Radhika Apte, Tannishtha Chatterjee and Surveen Chawla starrer Indian drama film Parched is about to complete its fourth day at the box office today. The movie had already acquired immense recognition in the west as it was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015. Leena Yadav‘s way of direction established each and every character in their own rights. And now it was time for the Indian audiences to witness the portrayal of how women are still treated in the outskirts of our country, and how they can break free from the unnecessary rules imposed on them to proceed ahead in the quest for peace and the freedom which they deserve. Leena Yadav has successfully depicted the scenarios through her movie Parched. Nevertheless, Ravi Jadhav’s Banjo also hit the silver screens on Friday along with Parched and as per reports Banjo has surpassed the earnings of Parched during its three days of release at the domestic box office.

People these days are burdened with immense work pressure, responsibilities and turmoils. Therefore, many of them prefer a rejuvenating movie over a serious genre. And the storyline of Banjo differs from Parched in every way as Banjo is a musical action drama film, and Parched is all about how women are still treated like doormats and the naked truths which reside in few parts of our country. However, in this article, we will shed some light on the estimated box office collection of the movie Parched on its third and fourth day of release at the domestic box office.


Parched (2016) 3rd/4th day domestic box office collection

With a budget of almost Rs. 10 Crores Leena Yadav’s Parched gave an average performance at the domestic box office during its three days of release. Many of them already had an idea about the storyline of Parched due to its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2015. However, people who are inclined towards serious genres and love watching women oriented films did hit the theatres to watch Parched. Nevertheless Parched acquired almost an amount of Rs. 26 Lakhs at the domestic box office on its third day of release. And is expected to settle down to an amount of Rs. 14 Lakhs at the domestic box office on its fourth day of release. However, Radhika Apte, Tannishtha Chatterjee and Surveen Chawla kept up to the expectations of the viewers, as all of them delivered their magnificent acting prowess in Parched. And the story of an abused wife, a widow and a prostitute was depicted with an utmost perfection in the film.

We have seldom seen Indian audiences not paying much heed towards a lot of movies which are worth watching. They are still stuck with the mentality of watching stereotypical Bollywood films with the same old storyline. Movies like Maasan, Matrubhoomi, D-Day, Water, Madras Cafe and so on could not perform well at the box office but each one of them had an outstanding storyline. Parched has also proceeded to fall under that category as it could not fetch enough audiences despite a breathtaking storyline. It has also been witnessed that if a film doesn’t star a well known celebrity, the moviegoers do not prefer watching it even if it has got a great subject. Nowadays, the storyline of a movie doesn’t matter but what matters is how much the movie has collected at the box office which fetches the film ‘a super hit’ tag.

Nevertheless, we at Fab Newz have tried our level best to come up with an estimated earning acquired by Parched during its third and fourth day of release at the domestic box office. We will be updating this artcle as soon as there is an official confirmation by the filmmakers.


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