Pakistan to Ban Indian Movies Regarding Kashmir Issue

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Another way to satisfy the issue of politics and now the political issues have decided to engulf art and business. For how long culture will be suffered for the sake of politics and other issues? According to the latest news Pakistan all set to ban Indian films. The reason is the same old Kashmir issue. A petition has been filed in Lahore High Court (LHC) Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas till resolution of Kashmir issue. The petition said that the Indian movies were doing promotions against Kashmir’s struggle for freedom.

In any case, Indian movies cannot be exhibited in the country. The Pakistani laws hence, working for the innocent and oppressed citizens of Kashmiris. According to the petition, orders should be issued against projecting the movies in Pakistani cinemas.

The petition accused the dual policy of Pakistan Government who is in one hand working for the Kashmiris to give them freedom but on the other hand, they are allowing Indian movies here. Pakistani advocate Ishtiaq Chaudhary argued that while Indian forces were suppressing the voice of Kashmiris, Pakistani cinemas were promoting Bollywood that is problematic for the country’s policies.

While some of the actors and filmmakers have chosen to be quite in the matter, a very senior and prolific filmmaker picked up a critical point: “If they ban Bollywood films from Pakistan, what will they show in movie theatres of the country? They have practically zero film production. Also, what about the Pakistani artistes who have made a career in India? Ban them from entering Bollywood?”

According to some other movie maker, it will only increase piracy.

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