Padmaavat Box Office Collection Till Date | India | Worldwide

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Padmaavat Box Office Collection till date

Padmaavat Box Office Collection: Padmaavat is an epic, period drama movie in the Hindi language released on 25 January 2018. Deepika Padukone, ShahidKapoor, and Ranveer Singh played a leading role. The supporting cast includes RazaMurad, AditiRaoHydari, Jim Sarbh, and AnupriyaGoenka. Padmaavat was directed and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Padmaavat is based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s poem “Padmavat.” Deepika Padukone played the role of Rani Padmavati in this film. Rani Padmavati was the wife of MaharawalRatan Singh. Sultan AlauddinKhilji was attracted to the beauty of Rani Padmavati, and he was attacked on her kingdom.

Padmaavat Box Office Collection


Padmaavat Box Office Collection Till Date | India | Worldwide

Padmaavat Movie Cast

Actor/Actress Name Role in Padmaavat
Deepika Padukone Rani Padmavati (Wife of Ratan Singh)
Shahid Kapoor Ratan Singh (Rajput King of Mewar)
Ranveer Singh AlauddinKhilji (Ruler of khalji dynasty)
AditiRaoHydari Mehrunisa (wife of AlauddinKhilji)
Jim Sarbh Malik Kafur
AnupriyaGoenka Nagmati

Padmaavat Review

Critics gave positive and Negative both types of reviews. Critics liked some parts of this movie and criticized some scenes. So, what you are thinking about this film? Did you watch Padmaavat movie? If yes, then write down your opinion/review in the comment section.

Padmaavat Box Office Collection

Padmaavat Box Office Collection

Day India Net Collection Change
1st Day [1st Thursday] ₹19.00 Cr
2nd Day [1st Friday] ₹32.00 Cr 68.42%
3rd Day [1st Saturday] ₹27.00 Cr -15.63%
4th Day [1st Sunday] ₹31.00 Cr 14.81%
5th Day [1st Monday] ₹15.00 Cr -51.61%
6th Day [1st Tuesday] ₹14.00 Cr -6.67%
7th Day [1st Wednesday] ₹12.50 Cr -10.71%
8th Day [1st Thursday] ₹11.00 Cr -12.00%
Week 1 ₹166.50 Cr
9th Day [2nd Friday] ₹10.00 Cr -9.09%
10th Day [2nd Saturday] ₹16.00 Cr 60.00%
11th Day [2nd Sunday] ₹20.00 Cr 25.00%
12th Day [2nd Monday] ₹7.00 Cr -65.00%
13th Day [2nd Tuesday] ₹6.00 Cr -14.29%
14th Day [2nd Wednesday] ₹5.50 Cr -8.33%
15th Day [2nd Thursday] ₹5.00 Cr -9.09%
Week 2 ₹69.50 Cr -58.44%
16th Day [3rd Friday] ₹3.50 Cr -30.00%
17th Day [3rd Saturday] ₹6.30 Cr 80.00%
18th Day [3rd Sunday] ₹8.00 Cr 26.98%
19th Day [3rd Monday] ₹3.20 Cr -60.00%
20th Day [3rd Tuesday] ₹3.75 Cr 17.19%
21st Day [3rd Wednesday] ₹4.50 Cr 20.00%
22nd Day [3rd Thursday] ₹2.50 Cr -44.44%
Week 3 ₹31.75 Cr -54.32%
23rd Day [4th Friday] ₹1.75 Cr -30.00%
24th Day [4th Saturday] ₹3.08 Cr 76.00%
25th Day [4th Sunday] ₹4.06 Cr 31.82%
26th Day [4th Monday] ₹1.55 Cr -61.82%
27th Day [4th Tuesday] ₹1.25 Cr -19.35%
28th Day [4th Wednesday] ₹1.23 Cr -1.60%
29th Day [4th Thursday] ₹1.25 Cr 1.63%
Week 4 ₹14.17 Cr -55.37%
30th Day [5th Friday] ₹1.02 Cr -18.40%
31st Day [5th Saturday] ₹1.72 Cr 68.63%
32nd Day [5th Sunday] ₹2.18 Cr 26.74%
33rd Day [5th Monday] ₹0.85 Cr -61.01%
34th Day [5th Tuesday] ₹0.75 Cr -11.76%
35th Day [5th Wednesday] ₹0.60 Cr -20.00%
36th Day [6th Thursday] ₹0.42 Cr -30.00%
Week 5 ₹7.54 Cr -46.79%
Week 6 ₹6.18 Cr -7.43%
Week 7 ₹3.82 Cr -38.19%
Week 8 ₹1.16 Cr -69.63%
Week 9 ₹0.45 Cr -61.21%
Week 10 ₹0.17 Cr -62.22%
Week 11 ₹0.06 Cr -64.47%
Week 12 ₹0.03 Cr -50.00
Week 13 ₹0.02 Cr -33.33%

Padmaavat Box Office Collections

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Padmaavat Box Office Collection

India Net Collection: ₹302.15 Crore

India Gross Collection: ₹400 Crore

Worldwide Collection: ₹585 Crore

Overseas Collection: ₹185 Crore

Padmaavat movie released only in 70% of places of India due to various controversies. It was banned in some areas before it released. Although the film performed well in the box office.

On the first day, Padmaavat movie collected ₹19 Crore. The film earned ₹114 Crore on its opening weekend and entered into 100 Crore Club. Padmaavat is 14th film, which was entered into 100 Crore Club within four days.

It also made the record of the biggest IMAX opening in India.

Disclaimer: This Padmaavat Box Office Collection is research-based data. We gathered data from various trustable sources and presented in front of you. So, we hope that you will be satisfied with this information.

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