Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Rematch is on the cards

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Pacquiao vs Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the names suggest the greatness that this two share. And when these two come together all the happenings across the world is bound to come to a complete standstill. And it has been like that when the previous Pacquiao vs Mayweather clash took place last year. The conflict was given the tag of The Fight of the Century or The Battle for Greatness.

We can line up for a Pacquiao vs Mayweather rematch

The previous Mayweather vs Pacquiao clash happened on May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The five-division world champion Mayweather from the USA won the encounter convincingly against Pacquiao who is the eight-division world champion. The Filipino lost the encounter in a unanimous decision which declared Mayweather the winner. Two of the three judges gave the scores of 116-112 while the third judge gave the scores of 118-110, all in favour of Floyd Mayweather. The match did not live up to the expectations primarily because of Mayweather’s defensive approach. Also, Pacquiao failed to make much of impact with his punches being mostly wayward.

However, the latest developments have put the rumours out in the market that we might just be lining up for yet another Pacquiao vs Mayweather bout. And the rumours have stronger once the Filipino Pacquiao’s Twitter account showed photographs of himself wearing a jacket which has the images of both the players on either side of the inside flap of the jacket. In one word it can be said that the tweet is very cheeky. And it has ignited the possibilities of yet another Mayweather vs Pacquiao clash.

When Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum was contacted and asked regarding the potential of such a clash, he said that he expects that there might be one such but there is no surety regarding. “Like everyone else, I’m guessing there will be a rematch. He did come to the fight.” He added, “I give it 75 per cent. Do I know it’s gonna happen? No. Do I know if Floyd wants the fight? No. I know nothing more than the public knows at this point and what I observed.”

Recently Pacquiao made a comeback into the ring after his temporary retirement. And he beat Jessie Vargas comprehensively on points to announce his return. Floyd Mayweather was found in the ringside as Pacquiao fought it out inside the ring. It has been more than a year that Mayweather has hung up his gloves after his 49th win over Andre Berto.

Now it remains to be seen whether the rumours turn out to be true or not. If the Mayweather vs Pacquiao match actually happens, it is going to be their second clash. And we can expect that to happen for the road to such an encounter doesn’t seem as difficult as it had been on the previous occasions. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Pacquiao vs Mayweather takes place.

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