Outlast 2 Release Date, Features, News and Updates: A Horror Game with a Difference

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Outlast 2

Outlast 2: There is still some time before Outlast 2 hits the shelves, but the upcoming game from Red Barrels is already causing ripples among survival horror fans. Although it is certainly not the sole first-person perspective title in the genre to be lined up for a 2017 release, it looks quite different from the others in a somewhat gritty way.

Outlast 2 follows its 2013 prequel, which implemented a recorded footage trope to engage players. Outlast 2 retains a lot of the elements from the previous game- like Outlast, the upcoming game is also a single-player campaign which is based on the found footage style popularised by The Blair Witch Project. Its main protagonist is also an investigative journalist like Miles Upshur. But the setting and the characters undergo a significant change.

Outlast 2 Plot

The story of Outlast 2 follows an investigative journalist named Blake Langermann who, unlike Upshur, crash-lands into a remote area in the deserts of Arizona along with his wife. Blake wants to investigate the murder of a woman, but his search for her will bring him face to face with something dark and dangerous.

Outlast 2 Trailer and Gameplay Footage

Update: Outlast 2’s playable demo was made available to players on Steam just in time for Halloween, and the teaser got more horrified reactions that most had anticipated. What was most notable was the game’s surprising lack of blood and gore, but it still managed to leave fans unnerved by its stellar use of imagery and other thematic elements. The demo was set inside the premises of a desolate Catholic school, and it utilised all sorts of religious iconography to suck players into the world of horror.

Original Story

Since Outlast 2‘s announcement back in 2013, fans have been rewarded with a few videos to give us an idea about what we can expect. While the trailer was dark and high on iconography, the gameplay footages that the developers released showed off the grim world that the game will be set in. Moreover, the playable demo that was made available in October showcased what the final game could achieve without resorting to a number of cheap horror tropes. That is not to say that Outlast 2 will not have its fair share of jump scares, but what makes it unique is how the game builds on your imagination to scare the hell out of you. According to Philipe Morin of Red Barrels, the new game’s narrative and design has been built to test the existing boundaries in the horror game genre. He also said that Outlast 2 will be a horror game like no other- it will cater to those with a more mature taste.

“I don’t think we’re doing anything that’s never been done in movies, but for some reason, the video game industry has been a lot more scared to take mature subjects and make games for adults. Since we’re a smaller studio and don’t have the overhead of the big studios, we can afford to take risks and try to create experiences that haven’t been done before,” said the Red Barrels co-founder. From what we have seen so far, Outlast 2 may very well be the game to achieve that. Check out the gameplay footage below to understand what we mean.

Outlast 2 Features: What to Expect

Outlast 2‘s protagonist has certain similarities with Miles Upshur. Being a journalist, he certainly does not have the fighting chops of some of the protagonists we have seen in some of the previous Resident Evil games. Moreover, he is short-sighted and needs to wear corrective glasses to see properly.

Players should expect these factors to reflect in the gameplay mechanics. Being a first-person perspective game, the lack of Blake’s glasses will make the environment appear fuzzy, and Blake’s primary skills include mostly running away and hiding.

The proceedings of Outlast 2 are recorded on Blake’s camera, which is equipped with night vision. The player will have to use this feature to navigate through dark areas, but they have to keep in mind that using it over prolonged periods will drain out the camera’s battery. Once that happens, it has to be replenished.

Unfortunately, Outlast 2 will not come with VR support in the manner of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The developers have clarified that since it was not part of the initial plan, a lot would need to be changed for the game to afford VR compatibility. However, we have ample proof to think that lack of VR support would hardly affect the hype about Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 Release Date

The game was earlier slated for a late 2016 release, but that ended up being postponed. As of now, Outlast 2 is scheduled to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2017. The game was originally planned for release on the Microsoft PC, Xbox One and PS 4; however, developer Red Barrels confirmed that Outlast 2 will support the PlayStation 4 Pro as well. Among other things, the optimised version will have “higher shadow quality, higher quality texture filtering and more detailed meshes,” Morin told PlayStation Lifestyle.

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