Outlander Season 3 Finale Episode is Going to be ‘Spine-Tingling’

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Outlander Season 3

Outlander Season 3 is currently under development. Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia are writing the season’s final episode. The revelations happened on Twitter where Roberts did an Q & A with fans of the show and teased that there’ll be a “spine-tingling” end this time around on Outlander.

Matthew B. Roberts says he has no idea about Outlander season 3 release date.

After season 2, Outlander is presently on hiatus. Roberts took time off his holiday break and posted a picture on Twitter. He revealed that he was reading “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon and working on the script of the finale episode with Toni Graphia. This season, Outlander will have some 13 episode and filming of half of the episode is already complete.

What followed after that one Tweet is a Q & A session with Outlander online fans. He answered questions ranging from his work habits to his role and contribution in the show.

Fans, obviously, noted what he was reading and asked if the reason he was reading Drums of Autumn while working on the script because he was planning on including scenes from the book into the upcoming season. Roberts only teased that whatever he was planning would be  “super exciting and spine-tingling” and “never [done] before.”

One of the clever question that came Roberts’ way was whether the last episode of Outlander Season 3 leave fans crying and heartbroken or jumping in joy. To that Roberts said, it was hard to say, that there could be a varied reaction to the last episode of the upcoming season. Fans pointed out that this season is supposed to be based on the book “Voyager” and the book has a happy ending. “You’ve never heard of tears of joy?” replied Roberts.

Here’s a thread of the Twitter conversations.

Roberts has no idea about the premiere date of the season because the channel handles these stuff and he isn’t involved it in.

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