Oral B Launches New Electric Toothbrushes, the Pro 600 and Pro 2000 For Superior Dental Protection Of Consumers

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Oral B Launches New Electric Toothbrushes

Technology has come a really long way today and with the increasing advancements of all the latest gadgets of today, there is no doubt that the latest advancements are definitely spotted with new products getting rolled out with immensely convenient characteristics.Oral healthcare brand Oral-B has launched a range of electric rechargeable toothbrushes adding to their range of range of manual and electric toothbrushes in India.The two products — PRO 600 and PRO 2000 — will be available on popular e-commerce website Amazon.in for Rs 3,800 and Rs 5,800, respectively. The cost of two detachable heads (which are replaced at intervals) of Oral-B powered toothbrush comes down to Rs 955.

The Oral B Pro 2000 electric toothbrush has taken the dental market by storm on account of its incredibly efficient functionality.

Oral-B’s new PRO series toothbrushes are capable of performing oscillation, rotation and pulsating actions for close to 48,800 times to remove plaque, a considerable amount more (almost 100 percent) compared to a regular brush, thereby significantly enhancing better oral health care for the consumers. Now, there are certain striking features of these new offerings, which might cater to dental needs pretty great. The PRO 2000 comes with visible pressure sensors with light indicators which would alert the user in case they brush too hard. The Handler time buzzes every 30 seconds reminding the user that it’s time to brush the next quadrant of their mouth.The Criss-cross bristles at a 16-degree angle allowing for a superior brushing experience ridding your teeth of plaque considerably compared to a normal toothbrush. Ergonomically designed to sport a round shaped brush head, the Pro 200 packs in different brushing modes as well. A daily cleaning mode for comprehensive everyday cleaning and a gum care option which will enable massage mode for your gums.

“Oral-B has been a leading innovator in oral care for more than 60 years, and we’re proud to introduce our new electric toothbrushes, including the Oral-B Pro 2000 in India with Oscillating, Rotating, Pulsating (ORP) technology.”

-Dr. Phillip Hundeshagen, R&D expert, Oral-B

There is no doubt in the fact that with every passing day, the advancements in this foray will keep on increasing and we might as well keep on expecting more from Oral B who are striving to incorporate technology into dental care quite successfully as of now. do not forget to check best electric toothbrush.

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