Oppo F3 Plus With Dual Selfie Camera Is All To Set to Launch

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Oppo F3 Plus

The company has sent out invites for Oppo F3 Plus smartphone that’ll be launched on March 23 in India. The Chinese giant tweeted about the launch highlighting the fact that the phone will sport dual selfie camera.

The smartphone will be the first of one to sport dual selfie camera setup,16-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel sub-camera. Besides India, the phone will be launched in four other markets –Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam.As to the price and availability, it would depend on the region.

In a statement,Sky Li, Oppo Global Vice President and President of Oppo India said: “The F3 Series will take selfie technology onto another level as well as it sets new trends. We are confident it will be a great success and will set a standard that others will follow.”

The phone is expected to featurea 6-inch full-HD display and 1080 by 1920 resolution. The smartphone was poweredby the Snapdragon 653 processor that comes paired with 4Gb of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. As for camera, the smartphone will have one 16-megapixels rear camera. The phone will be backed by a4000mAh battery.

It’s worth noting, that there were reports on Oppo building foldable smartphones. Apparently, some prototypes were leaked online revealing a 7-inch phone that can be folded into two parts. The color of the device is white with hidden joints visible in the middle of the phone so that the phone can be bent through the middle.

Although the handset appears pretty decent and there’s no word on when the product will be actually launched or whether Oppo has any plans for mass production. We think when Oppo decides to bring out a foldable handset, it’s going to be different from this. The primary reason is that although an eye-catching phone it’s not a very viable design.

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