OnePlus 5 Tipped To Be the ‘iPhone 7 Nemesis’ Once the Chinese Company decides to Launch the device

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Chinese smartphone manufacturers OnePlus have garnered quite a number of positive reviews in the market owing to their feature-rich devices offered at incredibly convenient prices and it seems that the company sees no reason for stopping. Their previous offerings, the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T,  were commercial successes gaining a huge amount of praise from consumers and the next offering is slated to be the same. Many pegged that the next offering from the company was supposed to be the OnePlus 4. However, owing to the fact that the number 4 is considered bad luck in China, it seems that the OnePlus 5 is the smartphone to be featured by the Chinese companies sometime later this year.


Apple’s iPhone 7, since September, has remained the most premium device in the market on account of its high-end specifications and features which have seemed seemingly impossible to beat. But now, as rumors and specifications of the OnePlus are surfacing online, many are terming the upcoming smartphone as a potential ‘iPhone 7 killer’. Quite dramatically put, the chances of this happening aren’t exactly improbable considering the fact that the OnePlus 5 is being introduced almost a year after the iPhone 7 variants. With new technological advancements being rolled out each day, incorporation of the latest might just be possible for the device after all.

The OnePlus 5 is expected to feature a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 4K resolution. Something which the iPhone 7 already lacks. The device will house Qualcomm’s next-gen 10nm chipset, the 835 processor which is said to be equally as powerful as the A10 fusion chipset in the iPhone 7 variants. the device is also expected to sport significant ramp ups in the device memory with a possible onboard memory specification of 128GB/ 256GB. RAM specifications, however unnecessary, will still make a difference with the new device from OnePlus pegged to sport 8GB of internal memory compared to the iPhone 7’s 2GB. Another significant area which the iPhone 7 Plus excelled in was the optics department with the device sporting dual-lens camera setups manufactured by Sony. The OnePlus 5 is looking to go down the same path was well with a similar set-up although a ramp up in the megapixel count is expected. Some reports, however, state that the OnePlus 5 might also sport a single 23MP sensor which tech enthusiasts claim to be enough to trump the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera setup by inches.

One of the most significant concerns which comes to the mind when comparing these two devices is the price difference and that is one area where the OnePlus smartphone can totally beats Apple’s offering hands down. While the premium storage version of the iPhone 7 Plus costs near to $800, the OnePlus 5 is expected to ship at a price tag between $400 to $500 making it incredibly convenient for consumers who are looking to splurge selectively. Nevertheless, whether the device turns out to be ‘an iPhone killer’ or not is something which we can only confirm once OnePlus decides to launch the device in the market.

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