One Punch Man Season 2: Saitama Turns Evil? And More Rumors the King’s Secret?

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One Punch Man Season 2

One Punch Man Season 2: We previously reported how in the One Punch Man season 2, Saitama could finally meet his equal in strength. This time a fresh rumour is going around the rumour mill that suggests that Saitama might actually turn evil in the upcoming season. The reason behind such turn of heart is several. Everything that Saitama went through in the incredibly hit first season is what could push him to become evil and reigning havoc on everyone.

One Punch Man Season 2-

One Punch Man Season 2: Saitama, the New Villain?

As per GamenGuide, the rumour about Saitama emerged because of  a leaked sneak peak of the first episode of Season 2 where  Saitama was seen raging over a group of people. One legit reason would be the events of the first season. Another reason could be the “love triangle.” The rumour strongly suggests that the love triangle will include Tatsumaki and her sister Fubuki, a Class-S and a Class-B Hero respectively.

One Punch Man Season 2

Christian Today, reports that the true identity of King (Hiroki Yasumoto) will be shown in the coming season. Rumour is that in the upcoming season, Saitama will get to know about the King’s secret and will decide not reveal it.

One aspect of the story that the fans are rooting for in the next season is the appearance of the very fearsome, Class-S hero named King. There are also reports on the  re-appearance of Lord Boros. If Saitama doesn’t turn out evil, we are hoping creator Yusuke Yamada would come up with more evils characters to make One Punch man season 2 interesting. It’ll be something that fans could root for.

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero parody webcomic created by an unknown person who uses the pseudonym One. It began publication in early 2009 and is still on-going. Back in June 2012, it surpassed some 7.9 million hits. The anime adaptation is created by Madhouse aired in Japan between October and December 2015. It was directed by Shingo Natsume at Madhouse and written by Tomohiro Suzuki. One Punch Man season 2 is currently in works and rumoured to be set for a 2017 release.

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