One Piece News Chapter 844: Luffy Continues His Argument With Sanji

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One Piece News Chapter 844

The highly speculated manga series One Piece News has been garnering a lot of attention from its readers thus helping it carry forward with its 844th chapter in the upcoming edition. The upcoming series One Piece News Chapter 844 will continue with the previous plot along with the central character. The Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda follows the adventure of Monkey D. Luffy and hunting the treasure named “One Piece” hidden somewhere in the midst of Grand Line. The sole aim is to discover the treasure and become King of the Pirates. The manga has been serialised in Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 1997. So, on an utterly good note, let’s check the details regarding One Piece News Chapter 844 in the article below.

In the previous chapter of One Piece News, we came to know about the conclusion of the battle between Luffy and Cracker where it was nearly impossible to defeat Cracker’s Army of Biscuits. But after a satisfying win, he runs to save Sanji. Luffy catches up Sanji after beating Cracker with the help of Nami but still there is a doubt running continuously in Sanji’s mind which is if Luffy decides not to marry Pudding. To its surprise, Sanji insults Luffy in anger so as to not to be a part of the pirate as he is already a Prince. The next series One Piece News Chapter 844 is most likely to come up with a forceful battle between Luffy and Sanji.

The manga series received a good score from IMDb of 7.5 out of 10 based on 233 votes. Recently on August 2016, One Piece News became the best-selling manga series henceforth getting inscribed in Guinness Book of World Records for the highest selling manga as it sold up to 380 million copies till date. The manga has been adapted in many theatrical films, video games, light novels, and so on. It has also been adapted into an Original Video Animation, an anime series produced by Toei Animations. The manga was licensed into English-language series in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

So, vivid readers of the world’s best manga series One Piece News Chapter 844 will get to know regarding the battle between Luffy and Sanji with only a soul purpose in mind, ill-treatment and fear. Both unknown of their intentions, Sanji may let Luffy realise that he is still on his side and the ill-treatment was due to some personal importances.

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