One Piece Chapter 851 Will Focus on Reiju’s Return & Relation With Pudding

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One Piece Chapter 851

One Piece Chapter 851: In the previous Chapter 850 of One Piece, one thing’s worth noticing that Sanji’s sister makes an appearance after a long gap thus meeting Pudding who is getting ready for the Big day i.e. her wedding with Sanji. Reiju (Sanji’s sister) is covered in blood as she appears in front of her brother who is busy cooking for fiancee Pudding thus ignorant about her escape from the island. One Piece Chapter 851 will be released after a certain gap, as the makers are all set to introduce “Piece Together (Questions & Answers)” before the respective manga series. Furthermore, being the last chapter of 2016, Eiichiro Oda has some huge surprises awaiting for its fans ahead in 2017.

Majorly focusing on Reiju whose appearance came as a shock to Sanji, One Piece Chapter 851 will deal with how she got badly wounded. Moreover, Pudding’s escape plan from the island to seek revenge on Big Mom might put Sanji in a tumultuous situation. His friendsLuffy and Nami, who are well aware of Pudding’s escape plan, may too, get into massive trouble as they are held hostages by Big Mom. On the other hand, we get to know that Reiju’swounds are minor ones as she trips herself and gets hurt but the reaction of healing from Pudding (who is present during that time) is quite abrupt and weird.

As per the previous notes, the reactions from Pudding leaves Sanji and his sister Reiju a bit shocked as her actual identity is revealed. One Piece Chapter 850 finally revealed that Pudding is the three eyed girl who is the Commander of Big Mom instead of being a weak girl. Moreover, they are planning a massive massacre along with attacking Reiju badly due to which she appeared all covered in blood at the end of the previous manga.

Well, with revealing her actual identity, fans are a bit shocked as well as amazed on how Pudding kept her herself disguised from Sanji and his friends eventually turning out to be on Big Mom’s side. However, there are lots of questions that are likely to be solved in One Piece Chapter 851, of which most intriguing is: what does the third eye mean on Pudding’s forehead. Is it any sign of evil or it’s just an appearance which she is carrying on a legacy from her Father?

One Piece Chapter

However, one thing’s quite clear that the injuries on Reiju were made by Pudding thus leaving Sanji in a total setback. But ruining the Vinsmoke family is not her sole agenda but escaping from her own wedding clears the air completely. The collaboration between Big Mom and Germa will be something to look forward to wherein Luffy, aware of Pudding’s true nature, tries best to get out of the situationeven if he is harmed in the process. Well, there is nothing stopping Luffy and Nami to save Sanji from the mess and certainly Reiju being strong headed as well as hearted will join the force.

Sanji’s life may take a big leap thus taking revenge from everyone, right from Big Momto Germa and of course, Pudding whose true identity finally got revealed. Followers of One Piece may get to see a volcano erupting within Sanji as his life has now gone messed up with all the actions and blood sheds taking place in One Piece Chapter 851 and ahead.

One Piece Chapter 851 is all set to release on January 9, 2017, after the release of “Piece Together” on January 2, 2017. Till then enjoy your holidays and don’t forget to read thelatest edition of the manga series One Piece.

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