One Piece Chapter 850: Hours Before Sanji & Pudding’s Wedding Reiju Appears Covered in Blood

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One Piece Chapter 850

One Piece Chapter 850: One Piece is getting more intriguing as it develops with each and every storyline as the upcoming chapters continue with the wedding of Sanji and Pudding as still Nami and Luffy are held captive by Big Mom. In the previous chapter, Pudding tries her best not to get involved in any marriage proposal as she is fully aware that Sanji does not feel the same as she does. One Piece Chapter 850 is most likely to reveal the actual status of Sanji and Pudding and surprisingly Reiju, who is the sister of Sanji.

The previous chapter of the world renowned manga One Piece 849 mainly focused on Sanji preparing himself for the big day with Pudding wherein he even cooks. But he is soon aghast as Pudding is nowhere to be seen. In fact, it was made clear that Pudding even met Luffy and Nami where they were held captive and revealed her plans to escape from the island. Similar to how Pudding’s elder sister escaped, she plans to do the same. Sanji is certainly innocent of Pudding’s actual plans, or the fact that she is missing from the island. The upcoming chapter will definitely focus on the fact dawning on Sanji, thereby carrying forward the story as Sanji and Pudding’s wedding may not happen ever.

The new chapter One Piece Chapter 850 is definitely going to contain surprises as Sanji finally comes to know about Pudding’s plans as she manages to elope from the island. To his surprise,  he sees a blood-drenched Reiju, which most probably is due to fight against Big Mom. Furthermore, Sanji’s reaction after seeing Reiju covered entirely in blood hours before the wedding would be the main attraction of the upcoming manga series.

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