One Piece Chapter 849 May Reveal The Most Heartbreaking Event of the Manga

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One of the most highly speculated manga series, which has also been churned into anime, One Piece is all set to reveal the most heartbreaking event of the manga till date. In the latest One Piece Chapter 849, Sanji and Pudding are going to separate. Yes, you heard it right! The upcoming manga series will address how Pudding sacrifices her love for Sanji so as to save his life by deceiving Big Mom and not pursuing the wedding.

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Earlier by about a month’s time, we updated you with how Sanji and Pudding planned theirwedding day in the midst of all the tensions rising in the series. Pudding is deeply concerned for Sanji, due to which she will call off the wedding followed by a helping hand for Sanji and his friends get away from Big Mom in the upcoming chapter. Though she will not at any instant reveal her feelings to Sanji, but her love is quite genuine. Choosing the former option and not pursuing the wedding is simply for the betterment of Sanji and his friends so that they are saved from Big Mom.

Perhaps Lady Pudding is well aware of the fact that Sanji does not feel the same, but in One Piece Chapter 849, there are chances that he would successfullymake a hint out of Pudding’s intentions. Furthermore, the manga series will include how Pudding tries to elope with a proper plan. A similar kind of message is revealed to Luffy as well as Nami, who are still held in captive, with Pudding apologising and revealing certain information regarding her escape plan.

There are speculations among the readers that Pudding might try to express her feelings for Sanji through his friends but the revelation might leave Luffy and Nami in severe shock after which she will simply head away quickly. As per the makers, Pudding’s ultimate happiness will be sacrificing her love and rather be giving freedom to Sanji, Luffy and Nami, for which they have been waitingfor ages.

Apart from Pudding halting her wedding with Sanji, revealing her feelings in front of Sanji’s friends, planning an escape just like her elder sister Lola, who also left the island followed by an infuriated Big Mom behind, the Lady is most likely to face a battle against Big Mom’s army along with the Straw Hats which eventually will lead to a grand escape for Pudding. One Piece Chapter 849 is certainlygoing to have a bag full of surprises where lot more revelations will be made in the upcoming manga series as well as the anime.

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