One Piece Chapter 846: Sanji and Pudding Plan Wedding Day Whilst Nami and Luffy Battles With BigMom

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One Piece Chapter 846

One of the most popular manga series in cross-border basis One Piece has attracted billion of readers along with aplethora of viewership for the anime or series. The series has maintained international standards whose reach is extensive eventually increasing day-by-day. One Piece Chapter 846 will carry forward the legendary work of key characters hence developing long-time awaited love relationships. Revolving around a boy named Monkey D. Luffy whose unstoppable journey of finding and exploring treasures somewhere in the middle of “Grand Line” is simply amazing and brilliantly created. Willing to become the King of Pirates, the following manga One Piece relatively speculates the concerns of the characters and his relation with love, friend, foe, strangers, and so on. One Piece Chapter 846 will take the manga at which level will be discussed in the article below.

One Piece Chapter 845 mainly discussed the much awaited prospering relation between Sanji and Lady Pudding where they make plans for thewedding. On the other hand, there are also speculations that Sanji discussed the entire plan with Pudding so that BigMom could overhear the matter which comes as that he might be simply acting henceforth completely disagreeing to the situation of getting married. Apart from this, Luffy and Nami engages themselves with a battle with BigMom. Luffy due to her own fault attracts trouble in the form of BigMom’s great army despite Namitries best to keep her safe. So, as predicted Luffy ends up being in trouble subsequently, facing BigMom’s army in the battlefield. One Piece next manga series will come up with what solutions, is the sole matter of concern.

However, One Piece Chapter 846 will most probably foresee how Luffy and Nami survivethe battle with BigMom or not as well as why Sanji is simply not ready to get romantically engage with Pudding. Also, if Pudding comes to know regarding his false acceptance of their relationship then how would she react to things. There are also probabilities that Sanji may appear to protect Luff and Nami so as to battle again the huge army of BigMom. apart from this, the ultimate motive of Judge Vinsmoke and BigMom might get revealed. It is also quite known that they are supporting each other for one single purpose which is overtaking the power of one another. Well, time will only tell whether both the antagonistscome face-to-face bluntly.

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