One Piece, Chapter 837 Spoilers: Will Luffy reveal more powers in his battle with Cracker?

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One Piece, Chapter 837 Spoilers

One Piece, Chapter 837 is about to result in a big brawl, with all the trouble between Luffy, Big Mom and her son Cracker reaching a crescendo. Chapter 836 left us with a bit of a cliffhanger, as the fight had already begun between Luffy and Cracker when Luffy had tried to shield Pound from Cracker. In the upcoming chapter, Cracker is expected to stump Luffy by revealing his special abilities.

Cracker had apparently eaten a Devil Fruit, which is a type of mystical fruit that causes whoever consumes it to be bestowed with enormous physical enhancements. In Cracker’s case,eating the fruit has given him the power to multiply his arms at will, simply by tapping on them. With each arm that he gains, Cracker also gains a weapon.

For obvious reasons, this will result in some significant hindrances in Luffy’s plans. The Straw Hat Captain will find it difficult to overcome the enormous Cracker who is regarded as one of the most formidable villains. He already has a bounty of 860 M, one of the highest in the series. Some of Cracker’s special abilities have only been hinted at during previous instances, but a full-fledged demonstration is yet to happen. As for Luffy, he is yet to prove himself as fit to deal with someone like Cracker, even though his defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo had made him more powerful.

Some viewers seem to think that the battle may not end in a win for either of the two. Instead, fans are expecting a significant occurrence that will interrupt the showdown. Others speculate that the battle may not conclude as Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hats, might pull Luffy out in the nick of time.

But it is possible that Luffy’s battle with Cracker will make him aware of some more of his powers that are still lying dormant. He is, after all, the hero of the series. If that is indeed what happens, the battle could go in an entirelydifferent direction. So how things will unfold in One Piece, Chapter 837 is a matter of great speculation among fans.

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